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Since 1949, VOICE Louisville has captured the heart and soul of Louisville by covering important events and news in the charitable, social and cultural spheres of influence.

With more than six decades of media experience, a loyal reader base and a reputation for dedicated coverage of local events, sports and entertainment, we provide a unique service in media. Our publication and events provide a voice for sophisticated society. We believe in inter-connectivity and facilitate expansion of our local and national clients by providing the greatest exposure for their brands, service and establishments through our resources and relationships.

With content that focuses on local events, people, business and sports, VOICE readers are assured weekly updates about their community. Originally a St. Matthews-only paper, VOICE Louisville now covers several other suburban cities such as Lyndon and Jeffersontown, as well as East End communities in the Louisville Metro area, including Middletown, Prospect, Hurstbourne, Anchorage and Hikes Point. Our subscribers are in most Kentucky zip codes and throughout the United States.