You’re Invited to the 70 Years of Arts Celebration

Story provided by FFTA

It’s the year 1949 and the world is eager to capture new moments. The first Polaroid camera is sold for $89.95. RCA perfects a system for broadcasting color televisions. Humanity is about to see and remember so much more than we thought was possible. And in Louisville, an innovation sparks the course of our city’s history when Louisville’s Mayor Charles Farnsley establishes Fund for the Arts to cultivate the city’s captivating arts institutions that will propel Greater Louisville to be, well … great.

Seventy years later, Fund for the Arts carries on our founder’s vision while expanding and shifting to address the most pressing needs of the city today and in the years to come. Through our generous donors, we have fueled Louisville’s ascent as an unparalleled city of arts and culture. Classrooms have come to life, community centers transformed into playgrounds for imaginations and our workplaces continue to reap the benefits of an engaged and inspired workforce. In our 70 years, we’ve raised and invested more than $200 million in Greater Louisville’s theaters, museums, schools, community centers, senior care facilities, public spaces and beyond.

The Fund has moved beyond our traditional role as a fundraising and granting organization to become a convener and advocate for a dynamic creative sector. We elevate the impact of the arts as a driver of economic development and address disparities in access, equity and diversity. Through the lens of the community’s arts and culture plan, Imagine Greater Louisville 2020, we support initiatives that create an impact in every neighborhood, each zip code and across all corners of the community.

 We have so much to celebrate and many more lives to enrich in the next 70 years. And you are a vital part of that celebration – the arts enthusiasts, the donors, the patrons and the curious readers who devour The Voice to learn and connect. It is community members like you who are able see the world just a little differently and work collaboratively to create a better world for yourself, your family and your fellow Louisvillians. Our community and our citizens create this rich environment for the arts to thrive. You are integral to our past 70 years, and we would be ever grateful for you to continue on this journey with us of creating more art for more people in more places.

Please join us for our 70th Anniversary Showcase and Campaign Kick Off on Jan. 29, at 6 p.m. For this event, we’ll be revisiting our history at the historic Brown Theatre with some special guests – the city’s top influencers in business, government, arts and society – to collaborate onstage with our city’s finest artists. It will be an evening full of surprise, food, drink, conversations and connections over a shared love for the arts. We’ll celebrate the past, and we’ll celebrate you being present with us. And we’ll look forward because together, we create a more educated, economically vibrant, creative and compassionate community through the arts. V

Fund For the Arts 70th Anniversary Showcase and Campaign Kick Off

Brown Theatre

6 p.m. Jan. 29