Woodland Farm Holiday Party

Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson hosted a spectacular holiday celebration at Woodland Farm on the evening of Dec. 17.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Peggy Fowler and Edie Bingham.

  • Steve Humphrey, Janice Carter Levitch, Jim and Sara Haynes and Bob Gunnell.

  • John Brooks, Erik Eaker, Anna May and Edward Heavrin.

  • Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson.

  • Steve and Kay Vest with Lois Mateus.

  • Judy Miller, Sandy Schreiber, Heather Farrer and Susan Moremen.

  • Cathy and Congressman John Yarmuth with Jim Welch, Jessica George and Nancy Schoenhoff.

  • Jamie and Kevin Estes.

  • Keith Robbins with Jana and John Dowds.

  • Sarah and Keith Robbins with Jana and John Dowds.

  • Ben Chandler and Nana Lampton with Craig and Jennifer Greenberg.

  • Theo Edmonds and Josh Miller.

  • Andrew and Alexandra Thurston with John Smyth.

  • Bradley and Dena Wilson.

  • Bradley, Dena and Mae Wilson.

  • Mary Barrazotto, Augusta Holland and Diane McCallum.

  • Churchill Davenport with Moira and William Payne.

  • Mary Lowry and Bob Martin.

  • Elizabeth Martin and Woo Speed.

  • Lincoln Brown and Teddy Abrams.

  • Lincoln Brown and Lois Mateus.

  • Jeanie Kahnke, Donald Lassere and Emily Bingham.

  • Greg Brown and Daniel Lizmore.