The Old Fashion Show

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

On March 27, Three D Hospitality partnered with Patron Tequila and Jackson Family Wines to present a Spring Fashion Show at the Louisville Thoroughbred Society. Dillards and The Hat Doctor provided the latest spring trends.

  • Carmen Evans, Kim Heath, Johnna Craig and Chris Fulkerson.

  • Carmen Pantoja Evans, Ms. Mama Rae Pantoja, Johnna Craig, Kim Heath, Chris Fulkerson, Danielle Dorsey, Julie Pantoja Dorsey, Cindy Philpott, Sharon Woodward and Sadonna Cox with the Fillies.

  • Dana Daily.

  • Owner of Peake Ties Elizabeth Peake.

  • Owner of Fancy Derby Hats Stephanie Bell.

  • Cynthia Smith and Gene McLean.

  • Erica and Patience Fields.

  • Angela Smith, Alex McCoy, Tami Tennant and Becca Faubel.

  • Meagan Thurmond, Dana Daily, Casey Liston and Joe Daily.

  • Drew Gillum and Nate Carden.

  • Nancy Laird, Clare Krohl and Charlotte Donan.

  • Debra Locker Griffin, Ilana Kogan and Claire Wirth.

  • Brittany Badal and Karen Catz.