SKYN Lounge Open House

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

Skyn Lounge hosted an Open House on June 2 with hors d’oeuvres, DJ Roya Entertainment and live salt facial demonstrations. The open house had Roubaix’s new line and a raffle that was full of great goodies from local businesses.

  • Tabitha Lily and Kim Hamilton.

  • Erin White and Sheri Rukavina.

  • Britney Renbarger, Erica McDowell and Carrie Smith.

  • Summer Open House at Skyn Lounge.

  • Christine Lundford and Aisha Hagi.

  • Amy Dennison and Shahrzad Javid.

  • Carrie Smith, Erica McDowell, Shahrzad Javid and Amy Dennison.

  • David Grantz and Erica McDowell.

  • Karen Benabou, Erica McDowell and Lindsay Olson.

  • Stephanie Kelley, Sarah Michals, Charissa Hallman, Ambra Gonzalez and Jamie O'Neill.

  • Paige B., Melanie Rose and Caitlin Reed.