Science with a Twist

Kentucky Science Center’s annual fundraiser took place on the evening of Feb. 1. The night’s secret-agent theme allowed guests to dress as their favorite spies or villains, and the center featured three floors of secret-agent exhibits and experiences. 

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Drew and Rhonda Zimmerman.

  • Jesse and Scarlett Shackleford.

  • Danielle Graff and Brit Anderson.

  • Amy Hanson, Annie Rominger and Hilary Mattingly.

  • Albert and Sherri Frazier.

  • Drew and Rhonda Zimmerman.

  • Cheryl Horlander, Josh Poole and Bella Hodge with The Science Center.

  • Luke Baker and Eleanor Klibanoff.

  • Carolyn Tandy, Katina Whitlock and David Tandy.

  • Rebecca Traylor and Katie Ward.

  • Brent and Krista Blankenbaker.

  • Julie Ann Taafe and Alison Malone.

  • Julie Ann and Pat Taafe with Neil and Alison Malone.

  • Matt Kinney, Erik Hanson, Rob Rominger and Anthony Reddington.

  • Aesha Uqdah, Carmen Moreno-Rivera and Dee Muldrow.