Preview Party for ‘Lawbreakers!’

On Jan. 19, StageOne Family Theatre hosted a preview performance of “Lawbreakers! A Fast and Furious History of Women’s Suffrage” at the Kentucky Center. Following the production, guests gathered at Scene to toast the female-driven creative team and the community supporters and donors who helped bring the show to life. 

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Valentina, Misha, Veronica and Zhanna Goldentul.

  • Costume Designer, Zhanna Goldentul and Costume Shop Manager, Allison Anderson.

  • Tara Bassett, Caroline Knop and Idris Goodwin.

  • Love Yascone, Kate Folkins and Faith and Glenda Yascone.

  • Trey Antonio Wright and Billy Spalding.

  • Set Designer, Corie Caudill and Lucas Moss.

  • Laura Ellis and Jonese Franklin.

  • Katelin Griffin, Ernaisja Curry and Candence Diggs.

  • Katelin Griffin, Amber Avant, Candence Diggs, Chrysette Diggs, Ernaisja Curry and Charles Diggs.

  • Idris Goodwin addressing the crowd.

  • Director Sydney Chatman thanking the cast and crew with Idris Goodwin and Playwright, Diana Grisanti.

  • Director Sydney Chatman, Idris Goodwin and Playwright Diana Grisanti.

  • Annmarie Duggan, Tracy Schwab, Corie Caudill, Sydney Chatman, Diana Grisanti, Alison Anderson, Zhanna Goldentul, Laura Ellis and Allison Sims.

  • Susan Bramer, Jessica Roth, Hannah Wemitt, Maggie Schoenbachler, Megan Adair and Myranda Thomas.

  • Trey Antonio Wright, Amber Avant, Ebony Jordan, Sydney Chatman, Diana Grisanti, A.J. Baldwin and Ernaisja Curry.