Yew Dell’s 10th Birthday

Last week Yew Dell held their annual fall fundraiser, which was also their 10th birthday party, on a brisk damp evening. People gathered for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, admired the gardens and indulged in lots of chatter. Much credit for Yew Dell’s success must go to Executive Director Paul Cappiello, he is a real treasure, and board chair Mary Rounsavall. They both were warmly applauded.

A delicious dinner was served in a big white tent by Wiltshire Pantry. Fancy cupcakes were the “Birthday Cake” centerpieces and were to accompany the absolutely divine salted caramel ice cream. I would have traded the entire dinner for more of their fabulous ice cream!

Dinner was followed by a fun auction of trees, vacations and special wines. Among the attendees were Mary and Kurt Broecker, Liz Todd and Dan Schusterman, Carol and Charlie Hebel, Sylvia and Kenny Ray Jaegers, Mary and Steven Klein, Rosemary and Lee Kirkwood, Diana and Mike Ray, Ellen and John Colliver and hoards of others.


Each year CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) holds a fundraising party for guests to preview some of the art by invited artists that will be exhibited at the St. James Court Art Fair. CASA does such wonderful and needed work with children living in dicey situations. The organization receives no governmental support and must raise all of its own operating funds.
Greg Spears, the Complex Director for UBS at Olympia Park Plaza was the sponsorship chair for the event and, needless to say, UBS was the major sponsor.

The party, held at the Henry Clay, is always wonderful. There are so many things to see that it is hard to make up your mind.

After a few drinks and delicious apps and a stroll around the artists’ stalls, you have a hard time picking out your favorite piece to buy. The ladies as a rule go for jewelry or woven shawls. The men tend to like the pottery or paintings or a chair. Yes, a chair. Some just find their table and sit and hold court while their wives shop.

Carol Lomicka, who has been a supporter and activist at CASA forever, and who chaired the renovation of their new offices on the old Kosair Hospital Campus on Eastern Parkway was busy shopping for goodies with the benevolent help of her sweetheart of a husband, Bill.

Other attendees were Ed Nasif, Denton Randal, Charlotte and Randy Hockensmith, Patricia and Kirk Carter, Betty and Tom Hagg, Mark and Tammy Switow (Tammy is the board chair), Christie and Randy Coe, Melanie and Steve Langford, Kate Inman, Teri and Steve Bass, Gladys and Sonny Bass, Ned Bass, Ed Nasif, Kathy and Amos Martin, Liz Todd and Dan Schusterman, Ethel Huffman, Laura and Doug Dausman, Patti Swope and Rich Van Camp.

The vendors were happy and so were the patrons.


Fran Jasper had friends in for a cocktail supper at her fabulous and delightful home in Mockingbird Valley on Saturday evening.
The house has charming terraces both in back and in front. The front terrace has an elegant swimming pool with an enormous eight-foot-tall stone urn for a focal point. The rear terrace is walled and elegant.

Fran’s business is Oriental rugs, but she also is a top-rated interior designer. Her work ranks among the best in town.

She also has a diverse group of friends among which were Ellen Timmons, Michael Webber, Wayne Jenkins, Steve Van Hooser, Sue Baughman, Joey Seay, Diana and Bill Schmied, Kyle and Giampaolo Bianconcini, Vivian and John Korfhage, Charlotte and Richard Hibbs and lots of other talented people.