You Will Be Missed, Earl

Our world will be a tad more boring with last week’s passing of my friend and fellow journalist, Earl Cox. He had a sharp mind and a dry sense of humor. Earl was a knowledgeable and prominent sports writer. He also was opinionated on most other topics of interest. He played the “good ole country boy from the sticks” but he was sharp as a tack, sophisticated and “spot on” in his judgment of his fellow men. Earl was proud of his family. He enjoyed life, his friends are legion and he called a spade a spade. Farewell and godspeed, old friend.


Last Sunday afternoon, Ethel Huffman and longtime family friend Victor Saho hosted a holiday party at Ethel’s home in Hunting Creek.

Ethel and her late husband Neil were famous for their spectacular Christmas parties in years gone by. This year marked 10 years since the last one and Ethel and Victor decided it was time to party again.

Ethel loves her beautiful, spacious home and her good friend Victor is in his element decorating it.

The big white house was decorated to a “fare thee well.” The long dining room table groaned with 30 cakes of every flavor (the caramel cake was a knockout!) and all things good. The sideboard and long dinner table presented the most delicious and decadent cakes and pies imaginable. The cakes came from the Pie Kitchen, Plehns, Cheddar Box, Heitzmmans and the Frankfort Bakery!

In a corner of the spacious dining room was a round table with a Christmas tree in the center, surrounded by dozens of various decorated sugar cookies! Standing in front of the tree was the cutest pig you ever saw dressed in a beaded tulle dress. Victor found the pig in Atlanta. The adults ate as many cookies as the children and were provided cookie bags to take some of the delicious treats home.

In the garden room a 20-foot table was laden with chafing dishes with tasty warm dips, spreads, dolly bun sandwiches and other comestibles. There was an eggnog bar in the butler’s pantry and the regular bar in the sunroom was doing a good business too!

The day was really cold compared to what the weather has been recently. So it was nice to see that this hostess was even thoughtful of the car parkers. She put a propane overhead heater in the area where they waited for guests to arrive and at one time or another, all of the parkers were invited to partake of both the savory and sweet buffets.

It was a happy party. Ethel was surprised by her granddaughter, Myreete, in from Chicago. Guests were glad to see Ethel enjoying herself, her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren.

It is a big house, perfect for people with big hearts and who love to make others happy.

Among the family and guests were Becky Cowan, Kim Huffman, Juanita and Bill Beach, Becky Cowan, the Hubers from Indiana, Dot and Jim Patterson, and Eric and Helena Anderson. VT