Wild Birthday Bash For Wild Woman

Birthday girl Ellen Timmons with Louise Todd, Beaver McMahan and his mother, Margie.

Birthday girl Ellen Timmons with Louise Todd, Beaver McMahan and his mother, Margie.

Ellen Timmons celebrated her birthday in the unique way one has come to expect from the charming, funny, unfettered and talented person she is.

Louise, Ellen’s charming, funny and equally unfettered (what else would you expect) daughter, planned the party down to the last detail. Having grown up with the amazing and unexpected Ellen she planned the perfect and unexpected party at the historic Vernon Alleys in Butchertown.

I would venture to guess that not three of the 100 guests had ever been there before!

Donna and Allan Lansing, Libby and Jim Voyles, Margie and Beaver McMahon, Lucie Blodgett, Polly and Keith Williams, Kate and Harry Talamini, Elsie Atherton, Joann and Charley Owen, Brenda Light and Johnny Malone, Sarah Roy, Allan and Angela Northcutt, Jack Roby, Kathy Hensley and Phillip Koenig, and Naomi and Joe Scherich, Sue and Boz Todd, Fran Jasper, Jim and Libby Voyles were among the party-goers.

The dance band played 50s music and the floor was crowded all evening. Louise had two couples of professional dancers who specialize in Be-Bop and Swing. I talked Brenda into dancing with one of them and then told him he was dancing with a Senior Citizen. He could not believe it! He thought I was kidding him! That girl is GOOD on the dance floor and good-looking, period.

There was a photo booth. Corky Sachs and I had our pictures taken and we obviously were over-served. I burned the pictures the next day!

John Rogers gave a hilarious history of his friendship with Ellen that goes back to the beginning of time. It was hysterical. He could go on the stage – actually he WAS on the stage. Susie is a saint to put up with him!

Ellen’s favorite restaurant, the Vietnam Kitchen, prepared a fabulous feast of tastes. It was one heckofaparty!


Wayne Jenkins with new Louisvillians Christine and Kevin Bourke.

Wayne Jenkins with new Louisvillians Christine and Kevin Bourke.

Wayne Jenkins and Steven Van Hooser had an absolutely marvelous moving party last week at their home on Cherokee Road. The party was to introduce the new owners of the house, Christine and Kevin Bourke.

The Bourkes are both young, cute, charming and will be a great addition to the community. They are both executives at G.E.

It was a fun group of people: Davis Edwards, George Stinson, Eric Haner, Jo Ann Gammon, Carol and Bill Lomicka, Summer and Peter Thurman, Fran Jasper, Vivian and John Korfhage, Sue Baughman, Libby and Don Parkinson, Margie and Mike McCall, Peggy Rudd, Dan Schusterman, Corky Sachs and a host of others.

Everyone hates to see them leave that house overlooking the park. It has been the scene of some fabulous parties and even a few wild ones. Word has it that they aren’t moving very far. They like the neighborhood.


Terri and Gladys Bass with Marty McClelland at the CASA party.

Terri and Gladys Bass with Marty McClelland at the CASA party.

CASA of the River Region held a fundraiser at J. Harrod’s in Prospect. Loads of people turned out to support this wonderful organization that provides volunteer advocates for children in the court system. Carol and Bill Lomicka have done enormously good things for CASA to the point that the organization’s new building on the Kosair Charities Campus on Eastern Parkway is called Lomicka House in their honor.

An open bar and casual buffet of fried chicken, pork barbecue and all the trimmings got guests in the mood for the silent and loud auctions. Laura and Doug Dausman, Charlotte and Randy Hockensmith, Kirk and Patricia Carter, many Basses including Terri and Steve, and Gladys and Sonny, Don and Libby Parkinson, Marty and Lori McClelland, Dan and Margaret Woodside, Sue Baughman, Jean and Billy Shewciw, Janet Falk, Bart Greenwald, Laura Frazier, Harry Denery and Diana and Bill Schmied were in attendance.


This week George Lindsay and Lynda Lambert, popular morning radio hosts of 102.3 The MAX, had the pleasure of announcing on air that “The Book Of Mormon” has been confirmed for PNC Broadway in Louisville’s 2013/2014 Season. Written by the creators of TV’s South Park, “Mormon” received the 2010 “Best Musical” Tony Award. Described by those who have seen it as absolutely outrageous, it will be on the Louisville season for a limited engagement of only two weeks. This is sure to provide an incentive for lots of new season ticket holders this season so that they will be sure to have their “Mormon” tickets the following year. For more information call 502.561.1003.