Wedded Bliss

Margie Baker (seated) and Patsy Samuels.

By Carla Sue Broecker

When you’ve been away from for nearly five months, you find out it is going to take almost that long to catch up when you return home. We left Louisville on Christmas and got back early in the morning on Mother’s Day. I’m not complaining; we had a wonderful time sailing the world from Beijing to Dubai. But now it is time to plant our feet (and our cherry tomatoes) and learn about what we’ve missed around here and what we have to look forward to.

We had barely completed the second load of laundry when we learned that one of Louisville’s nicest ladies, Margie Keane Baker, was having a party. Margie always hosts great parties and when she and her late husband Allan sent an invitation, you knew you were in for a good time.

That said, the party we came home to was extra special because it was held in celebration of the wedding of her son Scott Keane Goodman and Kristal Simone Quintero. The happy couple married on April 7 in a small, family-only ceremony in the chapel at the Temple on Brownsboro Road.

Louis Waterman and Leah Brown at Goodman wedding reception.

Kristal is drop-dead gorgeous and a native of Venezuela. She and Scottie, as Margie calls him, met at a yoga class in Ft. Lauderdale, proving that all sorts of good and healthy things come from yoga.

The ceremony may have been small and intimate, but the reception that Margie threw was anything but. It was held in the Oak Room of the Seelbach Hotel and it was a doozy. Lots of cocktails kept the party lively, as if it needed it – the hotel was the site of four other wedding receptions simultaneously.

With his beaming mother looking on from a table by the dance floor, Scott and Kristal entertained the crowd with stories of how they met, who from her family was in attendance and how much they love each other.

Before the cocktails completely took over the party, dinner was served. A beautiful salad was served by the hotel while the final pieces of a scrumptious buffet were set up. Chicken, salmon and sirloin beef accompanied by some of the world’s best brussel sprouts, roasted baby carrots and potatoes filled plates to please all.

Scott and Kristal.

When the cake was cut, it was so nice to not have the bride and groom smash cake and icing in each others’ faces. It was sweet and tasteful and everyone enjoyed it, especially the groom’s mama with the 1,000-watt smile.

Among the many Louisville friends attending were Leah Brown and Louis Waterman, Barbara and Sonny Altman, Patsy Samuels, Herbert Redmon, Ellen and Stanley Bayersdorfer, Kirby Adams and John Grantz, Todd Greathouse and Carol Martin. VT

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