There’s No Party Like a Bass Party!

Gladys and Lewis (Sonny) Bass celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary in great style last Saturday evening. They filled the Kentucky Derby Museum with family and friends who came from far and near for cocktails and dinner and to toast and tease them. It was a wonderful evening with much telling of tales of fun events from family and friends.

During the first hour as guests arrived and it wasn’t raining, the Silver Spoon served wonderful hors d’oeuvres and poured drinks that included the new Kentucky Moonshine. Then Steve Bass, acting as master of ceremonies, welcomed the large crowd into the racetrack-shaped room where the newest version of “The Greatest Race” was shown on the circular screen overhead. It is spectacular. It does a really good job of capturing the excitement of the actual Derby itself, but it also chronicles the history of the Derby since its inception much better than before. At the beginning, what looks like millions of rose petals shower down like rain in a 360-degree circle around the room. And it gets better and better from then on.

After that, on the screen were dozens and dozens of Bass family pictures dating back more than a century and coming all the way up to the present. There is never a good time to mention age, but when you are having your 70th wedding anniversary, you have to admit to having a few years in the past. So, looking good and very proud was Sonny, who was 95 this past June. Gladys, originally from Lexington, is a youthful 90. That said, with the exception of silver hair instead of brown and a few wrinkles from years of smiling and laughter, Gladys and Sonny look remarkably like their wedding pictures.

For dinner, food stations were set up in the four corners of the room. A carving station with beef and pork tenderloin accompanied by lots of sauces made up one station. A chef manned a station with four kinds of pasta and all sorts of toppings. He prepared individual servings to order for each guest and also served a salad of heirloom tomatoes, mozzarella, bibb lettuce and aged balsamic vinegar. The salad station had huge wheels of Stilton, blue, cheddar and other kinds of cheeses, along with tomatoes, asparagus, olives and deviled eggs. The dessert station featured chef Philip Koenig’s famous bourbon bread pudding, mixed berries with white chocolate whipped cream, and miniature cheese cakes, dipped strawberries, and eclairs.

Among the friends and family were Ned Bass, Steve and Terri Bass, Delores and Mitchel Bass, Richard Bass, Peggy Kasden, Heather and Kaveh Zananin, Mayor Greg Fisher, Brit Brockman, Helen Cohen, Fran Yarmuth, Susan and Bill Yarmuth, Rabbi Gaylia Rooks, Helen Cohen and Eddie and Marty Weinberg,

Cathy and John Yarmuth sent their congratulations as they were on vacation at their place in Ireland (golfing no doubt)! Smart, handsome and charming senatorial candidate and Lexington mayor Jim Gray came in to visit Greg Fischer and was a surprise guest for the celebration.

Others included Beverly Abraham, Elaine Bornstein, Sonia Saag, Jim Jackson, Elizabeth and John Lenihan, Peggy Kasdan, Carmel Person and Shelly and Kenny Ziegart. VT