Sweet Times and Darling Finds

On December 6, 1913, Elizabeth Ann Pennington was born in Louisville. Exactly 100 years later, that same person, now known as Betty Ann Broecker, celebrated her 100th birthday in style. At a large gathering of her family and friends, she showed the same energy and charm that everyone who knows her has come to love and admire.

When asked, B. A. attributes her longevity to the “three Bs” (bourbon, bacon and bridge)! She is always the life of the party whether as a guest or the hostess. She is also not shy about expressing her opinions! She was not a happy camper when her son Penn and daughter Liza Lee Ulferts insisted she give up her car at the age of 101!

The other day when a relative dropped by her house in the late afternoon to find that she wasn’t home, he left the gift he was delivering in her mailbox for her to find when she returned. Later that evening, she called to say thanks for the present and to explain that she and a friend had gone to the Village 8 to see the latest Tom Hanks movie, “Inferno.” She expressed some disappointment over the fact that the Village 8 was about to be torn down in the name of commercial progress.

Well, December 6 has rolled around again this year and our “EnergizerBetty” is now 103 and still has her foot on the pedal, even if it isn’t in her Cadillac sedan anymore. She is still playing bridge seven days a week if she can, lives at home, frequently has dinner parties for her bridge-playing buddies and loves a party wherever she is invited!

Happy Birthday and much love, Aunt Betty Ann.


The Kentucky chapter of Les Dames d’Escoffier, an organization of women in the food and hospitality industry, had their second annual Cookie Sale at Copper & Kings to benefit their scholarship fund for students studying to be in their industry. Unlike last year’s event when it was just sunny and cold, this year it was not sunny at all. In fact, it was blustery, cold and threatening to rain.

That didn’t get the girls, led by Kentucky Chapter President Jamie Estes, down. Last year, they sold out of all sorts of cookies, cakes, pies and candy in an hour. So this year they doubled their efforts and tripled the amount of product they had to sell. So they didn’t quite sell it all, but a lot more than last year moved into the hands of their loyal customers who were also sipping hot chocolate or cider either with or without a generous slug of Copper & Kings brandy.

Traci Badenhausen, Judith Hollis, Annie Petry, Judy Schad, Gina Stipo, Mary Stone and Lisa Windhorst all did yeoman duty in setting up the sales tables, labeling the goods and explaining to interested customers what all the hundreds of things were. The event made nearly $4,000!


As seen here over the last few weeks, the ladies of Quattra 4 held their showing of designer jewelry and wearable art for the dynamic woman at the Boat Club’s mirror room last Saturday. Quattra 4 principals are Sharon Major, Lesley Rahner Ewald, Roxy Lentz, Lona Northener and Sue Spencer.

A steady stream of women who like and wear original clothing and jewelry came to see, admire, sip egg nog, eat cookies and yes, buy.

Beneficiary of some of the event proceeds was Heuser Hearing & Language Academy. Von Purdy, a Heuser staff member, was there to oversee a raffle of some very lovely items that came from the Quattra 4 ladies. VT