Ringing In The New Year

Silver Spoon partners Kathy Hensley and Phillip Koenig.

Silver Spoon partners Kathy Hensley and Phillip Koenig.

Nobody gives more parties than Kathy Hensley and Phillip Koenig. Or let’s say that these two, owners of The Silver Spoon catering company, are probably responsible for more weddings, receptions, engagement parties, anniversaries, celebrations, wakes and just plain fun events than anybody else in town. Operating in or out of The Henry Clay, they actually made their name for quality good time charity balls and wedding receptions out in the middle of farm fields and infields. At Churchill Downs, they set up everything including the kitchen, dining/dancing areas and bandstands in tents. Sometimes for as many as 1,000 people! That’s a lot of settin’ up and cookin.’

Their parties in the grape arbor at Phillip’s home in Goshen were legendary. The food, the guests and the ambiance made for memorable parties, some not always sedate. One such evening provided startling entertainment that is still remembered when two prominent guests escalated a difference of opinion into a knock-down tussle, rolling dangerously close to a portable fire pit. The late Owsley Brown Frazier said he hadn’t been to such an entertaining social gathering in years! Society guests from Houston, Texas, said they felt right at home. In the last few years the crowd has gotten a tad bit older and not quite as much fun!

Every New Year’s afternoon, for themselves, they host one of their most popular parties for loads of business friends and social ones too. The purpose is to bring in the New Year with lots of good luck foods. For starters in the lobby there was a cocktail and Bloody Mary bar with every kind of garnish one could possibly want along with a huge bowl of gigantic boiled shrimp (a Spoon signature dish). For dinner there was sauerkraut, black-eyed peas, collard greens, roast pork with dressing and gravy, and corn bread “seeded” with lucky dimes. An entire buffet of most sweets imaginable and unimaginable was at the opposite end of The Henry Clay Ballroom from the savory buffet.

The saddlehorse crowd came in from Shelby County and mingled with the Thoroughbred horse folks.

Judy and Don Harris, Harry Dennery, Diana and Bill Schmied, Fran Jasper, Jo Ann Gammon, Pat and Penn Broecker, Karen and Kenny Sales, Kate and Jack Underwood, Nancy and Bill Samuels, Suzanne and Pat Moeller, Pam and John Anson, Terri and Steve Bass, Don Spear, Maureen Jenner, Sarah Martin and Ted Steinbock, Lori and David Osborne, Dan Schusterman, Jennifer Bielstein and Shane Spaulding, Sue Baughman, Joe Touci as well as Brooks and Marilyn Bower were among the “partied-out” crowd who were content to eat dinner, visit with old and new friends and “head to the barn.”