Reagan’s Birthday Bash







By Carla Sue Broecker

There are not many children in this world who have more parental adoration than Reagan Buschmann. He was born on Halloween, now almost five years ago and splits his time living with his father Will and his mother Missy Potts.

He is a cute little boy who enjoys swimming lessons at Miss Patti’s, seeing how things work, going to preschool and getting into stuff. All the while, he has a sweet, devilish grin on his impish little face and a never-ending wardrobe of hats, one of which is always with him.

Birthday boy Reagan Buschmann.

His father Will is absolutely besotted with Reagan, making sure he has the opportunity to see and do everything any youngster might imagine, from hiking on a friend’s farm picking walnuts and chasing deer to going on a Disney cruise or two. And while everything in Reagan’s life seems to be special, nothing is more special than his birthday, which Will plans with Cecil B. DeMille fervor.

This year Regan had the birthday party that surpassed all of the rest! He selected the theme for his birthday cake which, in keeping with the Halloween theme, was a mummy. A particularly talented Jeffersonville baker created a wonderfully spooky cake with a mummy perched on top of a Halloween pumpkin.

Will, a part-time homebuilder, has his own home in a place that backs up to the woods off of Barbour Lane. About 60 to 70 guests of all ages were invited, mostly the kids from his preschool class and their parents along with his grandmother, Peggy Buschmann, and other friends and relatives.

Reagan’s birthday cake made by Adrienne Bakery in Jeffersonville.

As guests arrived at the cul-de-sac where the home is situated, they were greeted by great clouds of bubbles wafting through the air from what else? A bubble truck, of course. Through the bubbles guests could see a miniature zoo in the front yard consisting of several ponies for the kids to ride, a six-month-old white camel, several goats and sheep and a pen full of chickens. All of the animals were for petting and feeding, and guests of all ages were mesmerized. On the driveway beside the garage was a blowup bouncy house of sorts where the kids threw toy baseballs at targets.

Inside, Gilbert the Balloon Man was continually making some of the most imaginative balloon creations one has ever seen. The most unique was a “Jaws” shark head that could fit over a child’s head and be worn like a costume.

To keep others amused, on the lower level of the house was a caricaturist who drew fanciful cartoons of all the children and their parents. Meanwhile in the garage opening out on to the driveway, there was a barbecue spread presented by Shack in the Back restaurant and starring a complete roasted pig. This was accompanied by mac and cheese, tossed salad, lots of barbecue sauces, divine pickled cucumbers and wonderful Halloween decorated sugar cookies. Also discovered were “Funyuns.” They are delicious fried onion takeoffs that I understand are available at Kroger.

The most miraculous part of the party was that Reagan spent the entire day in a “boot cast” after stepping in a mole hole in his yard a week ago and breaking his leg. He was not slowed down a bit. VT