Memories From Memorial Day 2012

Andrea Frey, Malory Lewis with Lambchop, and Craig Clark at the Bentstar Memorial project event.

Andrea Frey, Malory Lewis with Lambchop, and Craig Clark at the Bentstar Memorial project event.

All over town people were enjoying the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day.

Military memorial services were held at military cemeteries and wreaths were laid on military memorials. Flags were flying and memories were brought to mind as America honored her dead warriors.

Susan Swope and Pip Pullin hosted a BentStar Memorial Weekend Bash & Auction fundraiser sponsored by Sam Swope Auto Group last weekend at their home. The funds from the event go to searching and finding MIAs. In town to help promote the event were Mallory Lewis and her famous sock puppet “Lambchop.”

“Dr. Patrick Scannon searches for and finds missing World War II aircraft and the MIAs associated with them in Palau,” said Colonel Joseph H. Alexander USMC (Ret.), author and historian. “This was a ferocious battleground nearly forgotten by history, yet more than 200 U.S. aircraft went down on and around the islands. Almost half of those with crew now listed as Missing in Action.” The goal is to bring our POW/MIAs home.

Susan and Pip live in the old Marcus Lindsey Church on East Main Street. This church was built around 1898.  It was abandoned and ready to fall down. Susan and Pip remodeled it and made it the place to go. It is now listed as a National Historic Landmark.

The Sanctuary offers 3,645 square feet of event space with exquisite architectural details including a beautiful vaulted hand-crafted wood ceiling. It has the original stained-glass windows and vintage hardwood floors. It is perfect for special events, such as weddings, receptions, meetings, fundraisers and celebrations.

The professionally designed and landscaped garden is surrounded by private fencing and includes a custom –designed pergola, water features, and lush plantings that create a relaxing urban oasis.

Susan and Pip have their own luxurious private home in Marcus Lindsey with its own koi pool indoors. It keeps the cute, large, lazy cat on its toes.

Dinner For Ambassador Shabazz

Jim Haynes, Ambassador Shabazz and Sarah Haynes.

Jim Haynes, Ambassador Shabazz and Sarah Haynes.

Dr. Shaio Woo and John Shaw Woo gave a small dinner party in honor of Ambassador Shabazz last week. She is the eldest of six daughters of Dr. Betty Shabazz and Malcolm X Shabazz.

She graduated from the Unity International School at 17 and entered Briarcliff College, majoring in International Law with a minor in English. Called an “ideas architect” by her colleagues, Ms. Shabazz has written op-ed commentaries and articles for newspapers and periodicals such as the TIMES, Essence Magazine, EL MUNDO and the new forward to her father’s classic, the Autobiography of Malcolm X.

Appointed as Ambassador-at-Large by the Prime Minister of Belize, she is an advisor on International Cultural Affairs & Project Development. In the past, she has offered her dedicated participation as a member of the Switzerland-based World Economic Forum’s Task Force on the Digital Divide and is a member of the United Nations International School Alumnae. She serves on a number of international boards and humanitarian councils.

Ambassador Shabazz was perfectly charming. Among those enjoying the evening at the headquarters of G-Meals were Terri and Steve Bass, Julie and Bobby Baker, Dr. Renee Campbell, Sarah and Jim Haynes, and Frank and Teresa Bridgewaters.

Bobby Baker Birthday

Terri Bass, Paula Brockman, Steve Bass and Bobby Baker at Baker’s Birthday Party.

Terri Bass, Paula Brockman, Steve Bass and Bobby Baker at Baker’s Birthday Party.

What do you give a successful man who lives in Maui and Glenview, Ky., who was born in 1956, and is having his 56th birthday?  Julie Baker solved this conundrum when she presented her husband, Bobby, with a perfectly restored, turquoise and white “two-tone” two door, 1956 Chevrolet Impala. This wonderful automotive icon was on display in the front courtyard of the Baker’s spectacular home as guests arrived for a “delicious” party that included raw oysters in cocktail sauce, lobster in garlic aoli, and “hot brown” wontons for appetizers and a lavish “hamburger bar” for the main course.

There to imbibe and help celebrate were Elizabeth and John Lenihan, Sarah Martin and Ted Steinbock, Douglas Riddle and Stephen Lewis, Paula and Britt Brockman, Terri and Steve Bass, John Shaw Woo, Lori and Steve Andriot, Babs and Lee Robinson, and their sons, Alex and Chris. Smiling over it all and having a wonderful time was Julie’s mom, Julia Ballard who is a real doll.

Chocolate Gold

Penny Gold and Cathy Yarmuth celebrating the Joy of Chocolate.

Penny Gold and Cathy Yarmuth celebrating the Joy of Chocolate.

When it comes to partygiving, Penny and Paul Gold are two of the most creative people around.  And that includes their talented daughter whose artistry is used to create the invitation for their annual Chocolate Party. Guests, and there are lots of them, are invited to come and bring their favorite chocolate creation. Most everyone goes all out to create the unusual and delicious. An example – white chocolate with truffle oil popcorn, several versions of chocolate covered bacon, and cookies, cakes, truffles and covered strawberries of every description. And then there was the occasional mousse cake from Costco.

Some of those seen heading for a sugar coma and enjoying every minute were Deborah and Bart Greenwald, Linda and Ben Jackson, Cathy and John Yarmuth, Ned Bass and Charon Fowler, Laura Frazier and Harry Dennery, Deborah Sandler and Wayne Perkey, Joyce Jennings, Carol Dehart, Smith and Ann Haynie, and Wende and Tom Schiafano.