M. M. Does It Again

Every Fourth of July from time immemorial, Mary Margaret Phelps has had a casual outdoor dinner party for her multitude of friends. She obviously has good connections because it has never rained on her party.

“M M.” as she is known to family and close friends, has that welcoming Southern charm that folds people in. An invitation from Dunvegan Road is a treat. M M. and her late husband, banker Billy Joe Phelps, created a beautiful home and garden that is welcoming to guests.

Guests gather mostly under the roofed, open back porch with dozens of hanging ferns. It overlooks a magnificent terraced garden and yard with pool and pool house. The pool is slightly elevated and placed toward the rear of the gardens. The gardens are lush and there is always something in bloom.

The Silver Spoon took care of libations and prepared a delicious traditional Fourth of July buffet that included fried chicken, barbecued brisket, potato salad, corn pudding and red, white and blue trifle for dessert.

Son Bill came up from his home on Nolin Lake for the evening. Also enjoying the evening were Rosemary and Jimmy Boone, Sally and Johnny Taylor, Norman Berry, Janet Falk, Adeline and Bill Hoagland, Kay Matton, Joyce Meyer, Lisa Stemler and Eleanor Goldberg.


The holiday weekend was also celebrated by Kathy and John Yarmuth with a “Summer Supper” at their home in Nitta Yuma. Family and friends showed up for an al fresco party on the terraces overlooking the wooded ravine behind their home. A small creek wanders back and forth down the backyard until it reaches Harrods Creek or the river. And the “infinity” swimming pool is gorgeous.

Son Aaron came out from his town house on the waterfront in the city. John’s mother Edna was there, smiling and enjoying the family and friends. Terri and Steve Bass, Anchorage restaurateur Kevin Grangier, Susan and William Yarmuth, Bob Meade and lots of other friends enjoyed the evening as well.


The Friendly Friday Group, (a group that traditionally gets together on Friday evenings – duh?), had a beautiful “going away” party for Eleanor Goldberg at Friendly Friday members Sandy and David Snowden’s magnificent home in Cherokee Gardens last weekend. Eleanor, who was recently widowed after being married to attorney Fred Goldberg for 46 years, is going “home” to the mountains. She is building a house there.

Even though she left Hazard years ago, graduated from Stevens College and then the University of Kentucky, lived here, taught at Norton Elementary School and helped her late husband raise his four children, Hazard is still “home.”

Eleanor has always been very involved in our community. She served for years on the original board of the Museum of History and Science, the Louisville Theatrical Association and was an active member of the Woman’s Club of Louisville and Hunting Creek Country Club. Friends trot her out when they have Yankee visitors. She charms them all with her Eastern Kentucky twang, her mountain sayin’s and her humor. She loves Crown Royal on the rocks and a good story.

Eleanor also calls it as she sees it! She’s no dumb bunny!

Pam and John Anson, H.J.Redmon, Pat and Winston Church, Charlene Verdi, Ann and Jim Volt, Mary Margaret Phelps, Janet Falk, Kate and Jack Underwood, Kaye Durnell, Joanne Blacketer, Jean Boland, and Elizabeth Fenley all had a few “sips” and ate from a straining buffet table filled with BBQ chicken and brisket, potato salad, creamed corn, baked beans, deviled eggs, lots of salads and desserts you can gain weight from by just mentioning them.

One wag who refused to be downhearted about her departure pointed out that her new house is going to be on a two-way street. Maybe she will come back for long visits. VT