Holiday Joys and Heuser Recognitions

By Carla Sue Broecker

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you Go”

Jean Frazier, Ann Dishman and Jo Ross hosted a luncheon at the beautifully decorated River Valley Club last Sunday in honor of the birthday of Sherrie Cornett.

In addition to the three hosts, Sandra Frazier, Gary Miller, Sherry and Bill Gilkey, Joey Seay, Connie and Steve Tipton, Tom Courtney, husband Brad and myself were the friends who came to celebrate our dear friend.

We have all known each other for eons. It is a diverse and interesting group where good will and laughter prevail.

Dot and Jim Patterson enjoying Ethel Huffman and Victor Saho’s Christmas party in Prospect.

Later that afternoon, Ethel Huffman and Victor Saho gave a “winter wonderland” party at Ethel’s lovely home in Hunting Creek. Ethel loves Christmas and she has the house that can hold dozens of family and friends. I think she has Christmas wreaths at every window of the house this year. Helping her decorate and egging her on is family friend, designer Victor Saho.

Victor and Ethel’s late husband Neil were good friends for decades. Ethel and Victor are a formidable Christmas team. There must be 15 Christmas trees, from the indoor pool to the elegant dining and living room.

The long dining room table was groaning with dozens of cakes and holiday desserts, and you can’t help but have a grand time visiting and enjoying the Christmas cheer. Ethel goes all out to make it a memorable day and Victor helps. Her children and grandchildren are as nice and gracious as Ethel. She brings out the best in everyone around her.

Woo Woos Entertain

Shiao Woo and John Shaw Woo love to use their wonderful Victorian house in Old Louisville to entertain. Sometimes it is lots of people and once in awhile it is an intimate little dinner party where everybody gets to talk and be heard. Such was the case last weekend. Besides the hosts and husband Brad and me, there was a charming couple, Erica and Patience Fields, that we had not met.

The Fields moved here from Minnesota not too long ago and currently live smack dab in the middle of NuLu in a place they love very much. They are also in an interesting business, one that imports grains such as rye, oats and barley for use in liquor distilling. None of us were at a loss for words.

Dinner was divine. It started with superb tomato bisque garnished with bacon. The main course was yummy short ribs over creamy mashed potatoes garnished with roasted carrots. The meal was finished off with spectacular blackberry pie. With a fire in the fireplace, it was a perfect dinner for an evening that included the first snow of the season. 

Heuser Honors

Last week the board of Heuser Hearing Institute hosted an on-campus gathering of not only the board but also members of the Woman’s Club of Louisville, the Louisville Kiwanis Club and the Louisville Deaf Oral School Foundation. The purpose was to celebrate a substantial gift from the late Dorothy Aiken’s estate to the school, which will be marked by a bronze plaque in the school, and to honor new donor members whose multiple-year gifts are marked by the placement of 80 new tiles on the donor wall in the school’s lobby.

Woman’s Club president, Linda Steder made the Dorothy Aiken plaque presentation. VT

Ethel Huffman and Victor Saho at their Christmas party in Prospect.


Sherrie Cornett with a big smile at a birthday celebration at the River Valley Club.


Heuser Education Director Debbie Wood, Woman’s Club of Louisville President Linda Steder and Heuser Executive Director Brett Bachmann pose in front of the school’s honorary tile wall.


Patience and Erica Fields with Shiao and John Shaw Woo at a dinner at the Woos home.