Fall Festivities

By Carla Sue Broecker

Brenda Light and Johnny Malone celebrated the beautiful colors of fall with a festive dinner party at Brenda’s beautifully redecorated home in Coach Gate. Enjoying cocktails on the terrace were many good friends including Susan Grant and Barney Sutton along with Barbara Partlow and Betsy and Gerald Tyrell.

Neighbors and close friends Kay Payne, Ben Small, Michael Judd and Margaret and John Woods were there too. Also having a sip or two were Holly and David Browning, Janet and John Conti, Ben Alt, Peggy Peabody, Barbara Nichols and Tom Musselman.

Everyone was full of funny stories of past parties and encounters since most of this crowd have known each other since college. Kris Jones and Rocky Rawlings, Jim Thornton, Cliff Todd, Carlos Costa and Ellen Timmons were all there. Ellen either goes to a party or gives one every night! Seriously! The only time she isn’t in the midst of one is if she is halfway ‘round the world in a third world country with one of her children. That is what makes her so interesting and fun.


Sullivan University is launching a new pop-up dinner series called A Tale of Five Courses. Executive Chef James Moran, formerly of Seviche and who also runs Juleps Catering, is heading it up. The first dinner was right after Labor Day and featured five courses inspired by Moran’s Korean heritage. Because it was sort of a concept test to try some things out, it was a very exclusive event with only five tables of six guests a piece.

Each of the five courses was paired with some wonderful wines that were selected by Derrick Grant of Republic National Distributing Company. The names of all the wines have escaped me.

The first course was called Bibimbap which was a soy glazed, grilled vegetable salad with a sunny side up egg on top. The second course was raw big eye tuna with kimchi yogurt and black garlic. The third course was a charred shrimp taco on a scallion pancake with pickled vegetable salad and lemon buttermilk crema. The fourth course was Korean-style short rib with house kimchi, cilantro and cashews. The final course was a sorbet trio with orange pomegranate gastrique and shortbread almond crumble.

If any of the next pop-up dinners are like this one, Sullivan has come up with a winner that is sure to develop into a regular offering that the public will enjoy.


Fabulous Finds, the well-loved, much missed resale shop on Frankfort Avenue closed two years ago with the promise to its devoted donors and buyers that it would pop up once in awhile for an occasional sale. All of the proceeds from sales benefit Heuser Hearing & Language Academy. One is about to pop up at the school’s campus at 1st & Kentucky Streets at 9 a.m. on Saturday, October 7. Yes, that is the same weekend as the St. James Court Art Fair and it is in the same vicinity.

You are apt to find interesting jewelry, furniture, vases, lamps, paintings, rugs, glassware, books, urns, wrought iron and holiday decorations at the pop-up. The sale is indoors and there is a large parking lot so there’s no need to worry about rain or a lack of parking. VT