Dinners, Literature And More

By Carla Sue Broecker


Last October, Carol and Charlie Hebel were at the annual Yew Dell dinner and auction. They were the high bidders on the dinner party for 24 at Running Water Farm.

They are very busy bees but finally got around to having the dinner this past weekend. The Hebels and their guests arrived, ready for an evening of friendship, fun, frolic and fine dining.

Among the guests were their daughter Lori and her husband David Osborne.

After the convivial cocktail hour, the hungry party sat down to dinner at two tables. Sustenance provided included a variety of sliced tomatoes with pickled onions and gorganzola dressing with deviled eggs, sherry chicken, eggplant casserole, corn pudding and country green beans. The final course was bourbon crème brulee prepared by Suzanne Moeller.


Janet Falk has new digs on the lower level of the home of her daughter Carolyn and her husband Neil, which is next door to the farm where she used to live. The space opens out on the ground level and is beautifully laid out and decorated. Her collection of blue and white porcelain is outstanding.

The kitchen is “Pullman style” which means a long running space. It is open to the dining area, beautifully lit and perfect for Janet and her guests. It is very sophisticated and harkens back to the mid-century modern style.

Who got to enjoy this christening of the new space? Longtime friends Winona and Joe Shiprek, Jean Boland, Ben Small, Michael Judd, Janet’s daughter Carolyn and her husband Neil, plus Brad and myself. It was fun and delish.


By now everyone knows Sue Grafton’s latest novel, “Y is for Yesterday” is out. Two years ago at the first Butterflies in Motion luncheon, Prospect’s own Joey Seay paid a really big price in the live auction to have Sue name one of the book’s characters, a naughty one at that, after Joey. The money he paid went to benefit Heuser Hearing & Language Academy.

Well, last week Joey held a launch party to introduce the book to his friends. He bought several of the books and sold them at premium prices with the money once again going to Heuser. It didn’t hurt that Sue came to the party and signed all of the books. I’ve already read it and it is a winner.


Radiation Oncologist Dr. Shaio Woo was royally entertained by his husband John Shaw-Woo at a dinner with dancing at Birracibo Restaurant at Fourth Street Live! It was a raucous affair and everyone had a really good time, and John was thrilled to not be in charge of the cooking.

Shaio’s friends in attendance included Paul Lindsay and Geraldine Ann Snyder, Mary Lee and George Fischer, Aaron Yarmuth, Pat Ballard, Emily Digenis and Hunter Sattich, Peggy and Louis Heuser and other celebrated medical professionals.

Shaio had his picture taken with almost everyone in the room and then got up and danced with almost everyone in the room. It was loud and it was fun.

Shaio is so charming and so smart. We are lucky to have him. What most people don’t know is that he is spellbinding when playing his Bechstein piano. Unfortunately, he is shy about his skill but occasionally he can be cajoled into a private recital. VT