Derby Festival Is Off And Running

Next to horses, the most important thing is fashion during Derby. The Kentucky Derby Festival (founded in 1956 and the spirit of Louisville for the next few weeks) started off the season with their Spring Fashion Show at Horseshoe Casino last week.

It was cocktails, dinner and fashion chaired by Stacey Serad and hosted by Jessica Lee of 102.3 The Max. The sponsors were American Founders Bank, Horseshoe and Apassionata (the MOST fabulous horse show to ever appear in America, here for the first time … more to come).

The show was fabulous with 24 gorgeous models (male and female) wearing fun, fashionable clothes and having fun. There must have been 250 outfits!

Among the sold out crowd were Kentucky Derby Festival President Wendy Jacob of BB&T who brought along her proud mother and sister. Wendy has the right personality for this mammoth month-long undertaking. She is fun, always smiling and good in a crisis.


When Chris Abell arrived home, at Zorn Place, from an extended stay in Florida, she was very surprised! Her daughter Kelly Abell had a party awaiting her but the really big surprise was that Kelly had done an extreme makeover of the house!

Chris was flabbergasted but she loved the new carpeting, the painted walls and total redo including an unobtrusive elevator. The front courtyard was exquisite.

Guests at the unveiling were Dave Huber, Eddie Abell, Howard and Donna Abell, Ricky Cash, Pat and Arch Heady, Kathy Baker, Janice Weeler, Frank Clements, Sarah and Craig Friedman, Charlotte Buster, Jo Ann Gammon, Barbie Tafel Thomas, Jan Karzan, Jeannie and Larry Cox, Stephanie Massler, Bonnie and Jim Raner and Mary Alexander who did the design work.


You have got to see this incredible show! Apassionata has been Europe’s most popular live arena show for years, thrilling more than five million fans across 15 countries with a breathtaking display of the beauty and the bond between horse and rider.

It is coming to North America for the first time to take you through a magical adventure featuring more than 40 horses from 13 different breeds, with exhilarating stunts by the world’s best performers. The teams are from France, Portugal, Ukraine, Iceland and the United States.

Wendy Jacob, president of the Kentucky Derby Festival, and Tonya Grubich, producer of Apassionata.

Wendy Jacob, president of the Kentucky Derby Festival, and Tonya Grubich, producer of Apassionata.

The show will make its American debut next month here as part of the Kentucky Derby Festival before continuing on an eighteen month, 66-city tour of arenas around the U.S. and Canada.

Breeds from Friesians to Bretons – some rarely seen in North America – and their riders were brought from Europe to create this evocative theatrical event. From trick riding to liberty dressage, these teams have honed their craft on a single breed for generations. With graceful horsemanship and enchanting music, this equestrian sensation captivates families and horse lovers alike.

Directed by Scott Faris (“Walking with Dinosaurs”) and featuring an award-winning Broadway creative team, Apassionata: The Beginning, will give audiences of all ages an unforgettable experience.

Arty Party

Or vice versa. Missy and Will Buschman hosted their friends in for “the game” and dinner. Such fun and hooting and hollering. There was enough food to feed the basketball and football teams.

Guest of honor was artist Dominic Pangborn who came in from Michigan with his wife Delia.

The next day there was a showing at Glassworks of Dominic’s work. He has been described as a Renaissance man, contemporary evolutionist and an emerging global leader for his artistic genius. He is an artist/designer who has been blessed with the aptitude and capacity for creatively producing fine and graphic art for personal and commercial use.

Dominic arrived in the U.S. at the age of 10 as an adoptee from Korea. His father was an American G.I. in the Korean War, who most likely did not know he had fathered a son. Dominic grew up in Jackson, Mich. and like the great Americans Walt Disney and Hale Foster, creator of Prince Valiant comic series, attended the prestigious Chicago Academy of Fine Art.

Pangborn’s design and fine art have been showcased throughout the world in many forms: posters, designs on fashion accessories and art on packaging for Proctor and Gamble. He has just completed his largest commissioned commercial art (approximately 10 x 40 ft.) for the Miami Marlin’s new baseball stadium to be unveiled on opening day, April 4. He and his beautiful wife Delia live in Detroit.

Will and Nat Green are showcasing his work in Louisville. Sarah Morris McCauley is his agent.


Since just after time began and cars were invented, most everyone that has attended a large party or meeting has met and liked “Parking Icon” Roger “Denny” Dennison. Several years ago he sold his business and headed toward retirement, but you just can’t keep a good man down. All of his friends and clients will be pleased to know that he is now working exclusively with a colleague Todd’s Valet Parking. It’s great to see him again, doing his own thing and he is a wonderful chauffeur for us older duffers. His numbers are 502.228.7415 and 502.489.7407.