Butterflies Take Flight

It was a busy week for Heuser Hearing Institute’s Butterfly Society. They are a fundraising and special services arm of Heuser’s Hearing & Language Academy, meaning not only do they raise funds to help cover the costs of operating the school but they also do special parties and activities for the students and teachers.

Last Thursday they held their big annual fundraiser called Butterflies in Motion at the Brown Hotel’s Crystal Ballroom. It is a luncheon with tables based on and decorated to represent different motion pictures.

Dan Schusterman enlisted the aid of Jan Corum to design and decorate his “Pirates of the Caribbean” table. Janice and Fred Mueller asked Mark Eliason to help with the shopping bag covered “Clueless” table. Eleanor Goldberg’s “Halloween” themed table fit perfectly with the fact that her birthday is on Halloween and it is her favorite holiday.

The NTS table featured the movie “Ali,” and all of the table’s guests wore white satin boxing robes with “ALI” emblazoned on the back. Ann Stroth decorated the Kosair Charities table with a “Mary Poppins” theme that included a carpet bag and an umbrella with a parrot head. LG&E and KU Energy LLC chose “A Christmas Story” for their theme and even had it decorated with electric lights. No wonder.

The judges for best table design were Julius Friedman, Jacque Parsley and Ed Hamilton. They awarded first place to the Beckie Ennis/Younger Woman’s Club “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” table where all of the guests wore black student robes and carried magic wands.

The live auction was a great success with Angela Leet buying the right to be a character in Sue Grafton’s final alphabet mystery book “Z is for Zero” that comes out in 2019. Monique Baker got a restaurant gift package containing more than 65 gift cards valued at nearly $7,000. Fred and Janice Mueller won the New York theatre package that contained two tickets to the New York production of “Hamilton.”

While event co-chair Libby Parkinson is still counting receipts and collecting the bills, she is feeling really confident that when all is counted including the support of major sponsors Mueller Environmental Designs, Kosair Charities, Kindred Healthcare, Dan Schusterman, Brown-Forman, Yum!, Circa Fine Antiques & Estate Jewelry and The Don and Peggy Duane Family, the total net will be in excess of $100,000!


Reagan Buschmann was born smack dab on Halloween. This year, he turns 4 and had a spectacular birthday party produced and directed by his father Will Buschmann. For the record, this is the third Halloween extravaganza Reagan has had. He may grow up thinking that the holiday was created to celebrate his birth.

Do you think I am kidding? Not only was his entire preschool class along with parents invited to attend on a sunny Sunday afternoon, lots of adult friends were invited to add to the wild confusion of a balloon-man making all sorts of hats and toys out of balloons; an outdoor bounce house shaped like a mammoth pirate ship in the driveway; an actual petting zoo complete with ducks, rabbits, Chinese chickens, South American piglets, a kangaroo, a deer and a wash-tub sized turtle in the lower level of the house.

Shack in the Back served an 80-pound barbecued pig, mac and cheese, corn, beans and who knows what else, and then there was the Yoda-shaped birthday cake that was nearly two feet tall. What a lucky little boy to have a dad that can’t do enough to make him happy and loves doing it.


Pam Thompson, president of Heuser’s Butterfly Society, presided over the group’s annual meeting at the Anchorage home of Paul and Joan Cassi. At the meeting, all members were thanked for their efforts throughout the year and encouraged to renew their membership for the upcoming year. Pam reminded those attending of all the great things that had been done for the school’s students and teachers.

Among those attending were Charlie and Carol Hebel, Jeannie Livesay, Sue Russell, Robbie and Linda Steder, Kassi Cawood, Bill and Jean Shewciw, Leslie Rahner, Von Purdy, Conrad and Brett Bachmann, Lauren and Emmett Ogden, Tracy Cutting, Suzanne Spencer, Barbara Hood and Hugh Schwab, Rita Bell and Libby and Don Parkinson. VT