Breakfast, Brides and Butterflies

By Carla Sue Broecker  | Partyline

Anybody who ever met Rose Ann and Brad Howard liked them instantly and forever. They are definitely not your routine 2 X 4 couple. She is a retired corporate executive with Yum!  He loves to teach English in out of the way places like Tibet and Mongolia.

Rose Ann handled corporate meetings and entertainment for Yum! in all sorts of places for sometimes thousands of people and did it without ever breaking a sweat that you could notice. And she knew and loved just about everybody in town, especially Kathy Hensley and Philip Koenig, the partners that run Silver Spoon Catering. With part time homes in New Hampshire, Florida and Louisville, and with their two children living in Seattle, they decided it was time to get more organized. So they are giving up their home in Louisville and focusing on The Villages, Florida except when they are in their new place in Seattle. I think this is only a rearrangement, but for a good reason.

Their married daughter, Angela is already in Seattle and now their son Scott is getting married. He and his fiancé are already living in Seattle.

While Scott was attending a bachelor party in Oregon last week, Rose Ann and Brad had an engagement announcement party to introduce Louisville friends to Jessica Ronald, Scott’s bride-to-be. The party was at Brasserie Provence. 

Jessica grew up in Oldham County and spent her early adulthood collecting various science degrees.  After dabbling in teaching, coaching, consulting and sales, she followed her nonprofit heart to San Francisco to join the Sierra Club as Manager of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives.

For the moment, Rose Ann and Brad are unpacking 37 boxes in Florida, before they momentarily return to Louisville for the premiere of a film “Beauty Mark” at the Bomhard Theatre, for which they are investors. Then they are off to New Hampshire for the wedding. No wonder Brad has a problem knowing where his socks are.


Louisville’s favorite new bar, Red Herring Cocktail Lounge & Kitchen at 1757 Frankfort Ave., will soon share its space with Red Herring Coffee Lounge & Roastery. This alter ego has opened and is offering a custom coffee roast, tea and fresh squeezed juices. Guests can also enjoy both “PG” and “XXX” coffee-tails including an ”Old Fashioned” with coffee instead of bourbon and bitters, cherry and orange and a cold brew Negroni with Campari, gin and cold-brewed coffee.

Made-from-scratch pastries and breakfast sandwiches from Chef Jacob Coronado will be available including sweet and savory kolache, no-bake cookies, giant “orio,” and cinnamon rolls. Items can be enjoyed daily from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m. inside the historic Hilltop Theater or packed to go. At 4 p.m. the staff will switch from serving coffee to cocktails and the kitchen will provide its savory and sweet bar bites. For more information, visit


“Butterflies in Motion” is the latest and very successful daytime entertainment event, and it benefits Heuser Hearing & Language Academy. The committee for Event #3 to be held at The Brown Hotel on Tuesday, October 3, is in full swing. Each year the tables are decorated around each table host’s favorite movie. Then the tables and the guests’ costumes are judged with prizes awarded in both categories. This year’s judges include art dealer extraordinaire Jane Morgan and community supporter Marlene Grissom. One more will be added shortly.

There are two auctions at the event. The silent auction is headed up by Will Buschmann and yours truly. Some really unique “stuff” will be available including a 25” Christmas Santa decoration hand made by Heuser board treasurer Suzanne Moeller. It is dressed in genuine white mink with a white fox collar.

The live auction items are still being kept under wraps but if they are anything like last year, they should be terrific. One of last year’s items was a New York Theatre package with tickets to Hamilton and Hello Dolly with Bette Midler. Fred and Janice Mueller, whose granddaughter is a Heuser graduate, bought the package and went to New York several weeks ago. They are still talking about the fun they had. VT

Photos Courtesy of Carla Sue Broecker.