Birthdays and Bids

By Carla Sue Broecker


Jessica and Neville Blakemore hosted the annual Boots, Badges and Bids get-together to raise funds for the Louisville Metro Police Foundation on the grounds of their beautiful home in the shadow of the Louisville Country Club. In attendance was Louisville Police Chief Steve Conrad, his boss the honorable Greg Fischer, Jim Ellis and Tracie Texas Shugart representing the Foundation, event emcee Jennifer Baileys and at least 500 of their closest friends, all of whom had a wonderful time.

The event was catered by Texas Roadhouse with all sorts of Roadhouse goodies. Once quite a few drinks were consumed the auction began, and it was wildly successful. The highest bid was for a replica of an 1850s Samuel Hawken rifle made and donated by master craftsman Michael Whitehouse, who is nationally known for his work. The bid was $50,000. Steve Bass’ donation of some Pappy Van Winkle to the auction also caused lots of bidding excitement. 


Carol Osborne loves to work with her friend Peggy Karem English at her ladies’ consignment shop Bloomin’ Deals in the Rudy Lane shopping center. They have known each other since high school, and that was a long time ago. Peggy and some of her other friends realized that this year Carol was going to have a special birthday that ends in 0 and starts with something other than 1 or 7.

A “bring a dish” surprise party was organized and celebrated at the shop. At least 20 people showed up with everything from deviled eggs to extravagant cupcakes. Did Peggy close the shop for the party? Heck no. Customers wandered in and out amongst the food and clothes and helped themselves to both.

Carol loved it.

A week later it was time for Steve Bass to surprise his wife Terri on her birthday with a luncheon for 40 plus ladies at Mesh. It was a lot of fun. Three generations of “the girls,” including her mother, Millie Hayes, and mother-in-law, Gladys, showed up to celebrate.

In attendance was her daughter Anna and Cara Bass-Wilson, Carol Lomicka, Susan and Cathy Yarmuth, Nancy Laird, Pat Gabriele, Sarah Steinbock, Shelly Zegart and Helen Overfield, Sue Grafton, Viki Diaz, Madeline Abramson, Kathy Oyler, Karen Salo, Jenny Garst, Helen Cohen, Heather Bass and Debra Nicholson. 

Also celebrating this milestone were Angie Nusky, Brenda Hural, Dena Farris, Ellen Shapira, Georgia Farman, Janet Conti, Jane Kottkamp, Jennifer Newcomer, Liz Gastiger, Lynette Masterson, Nancy Laird,  Melanie Galloway, Charlotte Donan, Pam Lawson, Petrina Boakye, Rebecca Schwartz, Sarah Liebman, Sherry Richardson and Sunny Stier among the happy girls who gathered. VT