Birthday And Blessings

Chris Roberts and the Birthday Boy, Don Wenzel.

Last Saturday evening, Chris Roberts and Don Wenzel hosted a beautiful end-of-summer dinner in the garden in honor of Don’s “big” birthday, his 50th.

Cocktails were served on the terrace overlooking the woods and the creek at their lovely home in Harrods Creek. The gardens are exquisite and each time you go they have expanded them.

Strings of lights illuminated the lower garden and one great long table for 76 was situated near the creek. Wiltshire Pantry served delectable canapés and then a scrumptious vegetarian dinner followed by a yummy desert.

Lots of fun people were there, including Don’s daughter Gracie, Craig Sherman, David Roth, Michael Miller, Marilee Orsini and Rick Heath, Cheryl Chapman and Julius Friedman, Libby and Jim Voyles, Leslie and John Smart, and lots of out-of-town people.

Sixteen nationally celebrated Louisville Chefs showcased their culinary talents at the Friends of James beard Benefit Dinner at The Brown Hotel last Friday. The seven-course dinner was hosted by chef Laurent Geroli of the Brown Hotel and Chef John Castro of Winston’s at Sullivan University and raised $22,000 for the James Beard Foundation. A portion of those funds will go to Sullivan University’s National Center for Hospitality Studies for scholarships.

Nearly 300 attendees enjoyed the extravagant meal prepared from food donated by local and national food distributors, farms and the chefs themselves.

Angie Fenton of The Voice-Tribune and WHAS11 served as the evening’s emcee. James Beard award winner Julian Van Winkle III was a featured guest and created the evening’s specialty cocktail.

The Long Run Hounds formally opens each season in October with the blessing of the hounds. Then, after 50 or 60 hunts in the fall, winter and early spring, they close the season with a formal ball in April.

Foxhunting is a sport that can be equally enjoyed by both genders and by all ages. The Long Run Hounds, as they enter the second half of their first century, has members riding to the hounds in their 80s, and it has members that are not yet 10 years old. Long Run Hounds members are teachers, farmers, technicians, salesmen, soldier, barristers and bankers. They have always been a club focused on the sheer love of the sport. That is what has kept them going for over the last 50 years, and that is what will keep them going the next 50.

Hunt members have the option of riding and jumping over fences to stay with the hounds, or they can opt to move rapidly through the country by making use of gates and short-cuts. The hunt’s objective is to partake in the countryside chase over “Hill and Dale” while watching the hounds perform with the hope of catching a view (or glimpse) of the wily coyote or fox. The stated reward is to enjoy the chase and not to capture or harm. It is virtually impossible (with the slower moving hounds) to catch the running coyote or fox, as they are fitter and a bit more clever than the hounds.

When the “strike” hound locates the scent of the quarry, the hounds are off on a run with the Huntsman blowing the horn to the “staccato” and shrill cadence noise of “Gone Away” (signifying to the hounds that they should follow their brethren in hot pursuit) at this point, all hounds “open cry” and “give voice” in their heated excitement.

The club is managed by three “Joint Masters.” The senior Master is Ned Bonnie with Dinwiddie Lampton III and Alf Caldwell (Huntsman) making up the rest of the leadership team. Anyone with questions about foxhunting with the Long Run Hounds should call the Hunt Secretary Annette Adams at 502.228.5088.

The Woman’s Club of Louisville is presenting “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” as an old time radio show on Friday, Oct. 19 at the Clubhouse.

There will be pre-show activities and food at 5:30 p.m. and the show at 7. You can sing along with Dorothy as you travel down the Yellow Brick Road.

Tickets are $5 for children and $10 for adults. Proceeds will benefit Indian Summer Camp, a place for children with cancer. Call 502.634.9437 for reservations.