Baby, it’s Cold Outside

By Carla Sue Broecker

Mercy! Father Winter is here! Gilda’s Night at Rodes was held last Friday and it was a full tent. The event was founded years ago by Annette Grisanti in honor and memory of her brother Mike Grisanti. Mollie Smith was the chair this year with the honorary chairs being Madeline Abramson and Henry Heuser Jr. Michele Oberst is slated to be next year’s chair.

Cocktails were held inside Rodes where it was warm and toasty, which was a good thing since dinner was held in a tent as usual. It took a lot of cocktails to warm up that crowd! But it worked, and they auctioned off everything but the tablecloths, some of those were wrapped around the guests’ legs.

Among the table hosts were Susan and Bill Yarmuth, Mollie Smith, Colleen and Jim Beach, Teresa and Brian Riggs, Brandeis Machinery, Kentucky Select Properties, PC Home Center and the Rostrevor Foundation.

That same evening, Babs and Lee Robinson and Ann and Darrell Wells had a party at Malvern House for their friends to meet Mary McDonald. Mary is the star of TV’s “Million Dollar Decorators” and “Property Envy.”

The next day, the Lee Robinson Company hosted Wine & Design at The Pendennis Club. The weekend included holiday shopping from international brands including India Hicks, Stuart Mercer Men’s, Osborne & Little of London, Lexington Silver and Carl Meyer’s Women. To top it all off, there was a floral demonstration by Jana Dowds with some of the most gorgeous orchids I’ve ever seen.


Simpsonvillians Pam and David Ray are missing some buttons. They all popped off when they went to West Point on November 2 to witness their son, Mark D. Ray being promoted to the rank of Colonel in the U. S. Army, making him the youngest full Colonel in the entire U.S. Army.

The ceremony took place in the Grand Ballroom of the West Point Club at the Academy in West Point, New York. Mark is Pam and David’s youngest son who graduated from West Point in 1996. His mama proudly points out that at his 20th West Point reunion in 2016, he was the most decorated officer in his class. He has served his country all over the world, and has also graduated from the Army War College and risen to Deputy Military Athletic Director there.

It was a fun-filled weekend that included the promotion, a bonfire rally in preparation for the Air Force Football game (Army won) and a celebratory reception that included his whole family at the West Point First Club.


Sixty two years ago Peggy Karem English graduated with a number of us from Eastern High School. Who would have thought that she would turn into a mini retail “typhoon?” Never one to sit still, some years ago she opened Bloom ‘N Deals, an upscale women’s resale shop in Brownsboro Plaza at Rudy Lane and Brownsboro Road. The area is surrounded by homes with women who have lots of pretty clothes, and while they still are looking good, the clothing finds its way to Peggy.

Now, for the first time, she has collected an inventory of really glamorous furs that are being sold at prices low enough to wear them not only to fancy parties but also to the grocery store. They are going fast so to get the best selection of mink, sable and fox, go take a look ASAP.


The annual Quattra Designs Show at the Louisville Boat Club will be held on Saturday, November 18 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. It features designer jewelry and wearable art for the dynamic woman from artists Lesley Rahner Ewald, Roxy Lentz, Sharon Major, Lona Northener, Denise Coonley, Lois Stickler and Suzanne Spencer and benefits Heuser Hearing & Language Academy. VT