And The Party Goes On

Carol Hebel, Ed Schadt, Jorge Mester, Claudia Ford and Charlie Hebel celebrated the Holidays.

Carol Hebel, Ed Schadt, Jorge Mester, Claudia Ford and Charlie Hebel celebrated the Holidays.

Sue Baughman had her usual fabulous Christmas party at her home on River Road.

No one decorates as well as Sue. She is so inventive and creative and each party is different from the last one. Her food is always yummy and the decorations are truly works of art.

This year she found these amazing teensy-tiny strings of white lights that operate off a battery. This means much more versatility in decorations, such as a curio table filled with her collection of jeweled Christmas tree pins with the tiny lights woven among them and setting off sparkling colored glints of light.

A large vase of branches with choice ornaments and the tiny lights set off a normally dark corner of the library.

Then you should see the mantel. For years Sue has collected Czechoslovakian one-dimensional Christmas trees of various heights. They too have the tiny lights amongst them, and the colored, faceted stones reflect the lights and are magical.

On the dining room table she had an assortment of clear crystal candlesticks, amusing tubby angels and the lights. (All of which came from Etcetra on Brownsboro Road).

And I haven’t even begun to talk about the tree!

The crowd was fun: Martha Miller, Fran Jasper, Libby Parkinson, Lindy Street, Margaret Woodside, Janet Ames and Janet Falk, Jeanne Ferguson, Deedee McCloud, Diana Schmied,  Laura Dausman, Corky Sachs, Susie Greenberg, Winona Shiprek, Nancy Laird and a host of other fun souls.

The only male invited was Joey Seay, and only because he brought his mother Martha Snowden Mahan, who was visiting from Florida. None of us had met her before and all fell in love with her. Now we know where Joey gets his charm. Martha is 94 and you would never know it! She charmed everyone and we don’t want her to go back to Florida! After all, her roots are here. She was reared on River Road.

As a parting gift, Sue had CDs of music she likes put together and each guest was given one. Sue is always thoughtful and everyone adores her – Well, except for one mean spirited old lady!

The Maestro Was With Us

Louisville Orchestra Music Director Jorge Mester was in town last week to conduct two fabulous concerts. One was the first Coffee Concert of the year and the other was another of the Classics Series. Both were performed at the Brown Theatre. The featured work for both performances was Benjamin Britten’s Serenade for Tenor and Horn. The Orchestra’s spectacular principal French horn player, Jon Gustely, wowed the crowd along with tenor Michael Colvin.

A special treat was to have Mester’s long time girlfriend, Claudia Ford, in town with him. They have an interesting relationship that really works. His main home is in Los Angeles and she is a bank executive in New York. They have been together for sixteen years, so there must be something right about it. Like Jorge, she charms everyone she meets.