A Woodland Delight

Story and Photos by Carla Sue Broecker

Last week Pat Ballard had friends in at the end of day, just before the sun dipped over her exquisite, walled garden in Crescent Hill. Her home is elegant, comfortable, beautiful and innovative and a delight to wander through inside and out. She could have been an interior designer but she is a happy and very successful lawyer.

Her interiors remind one of Chatsworth Park or one of the many tasteful and elegant homes in England. The wallpaper in the dining room is to die for! Glorious chandeliers, unusual and rare period furniture, polished Georgian silver and antique inlaid mahogany tables and desks make the interiors exquisite.

She is also smart in many ways. She has a killer burglar alarm system and a killer Rottweiler.

When you enter the back premises it is more Garden of Eden than “backyard.” It is walled with a garden “shed” and its porch at the rear. It is a cool and comfortable place for guests. We joined Pat, Barbara Fulkerson and Tom McMillan and John and Shiao Woo to sit and sip cocktails as the sun faded. We also had many kinds of canapes and cheeses plus more rollups than one could count. When we were invited, she said if we were hungry after all the goodies she had, we could walk up to Frankfort Avenue to one of the nearby restaurants. Nobody needed more to eat or drink. That is a fact.

The yard is fenced in and has many trees, flower beds and mirrors. Yes, I said mirrors. She has collected them for years and has placed them on the fences and trees, in flower beds and every other place she could. But you don’t see the mirrors and fence. The mirrors reflect the lush greenery and flowers of the garden and that is all you see. It is like magic! An enchanted garden.

Pat definitely has a green thumb, a good eye and is a delightful, gracious hostess. VT