A Lot to Celebrate

Victor Saho’s birthday crowd from left to right: Andrea Meyers; Kim Huffman and her partner Ali; Myreete Wolford; Kip Huffman; Brad Broecker; Carla Sue; Victor Saho; Ethel Huffman; Jerrye Huber; Patty & Marcus Huber in rear.

Story and photos by Carla Sue Broecker

For Judy and Peter Wayne June 22, 2016 will always be a day of infamy. Well, maybe that over states it a bit, but it was the day that lightning struck their house and nearly destroyed it. It was some time in the morning. Judy was home and Peter, a doctor, was at the hospital. When the lightning struck, Judy was at a loss as to where it hit because she could find no damage or see any fire. Fortunately, next door neighbor Terry Meiners came over and the two of them went to the basement where they immediately smelled smoke. Later analysis revealed the lightning had gone down the chimney into the basement and then bounced up to the second floor bedroom where they found fire in all of the walls.

It took eight fire trucks and seventeen firemen to chop through walls all over the house to make sure the fire was finally out. The upshot was the house had to be stripped to the studs. All of the furniture, clothing and other furnishing had to be removed, and Peter and Judy took up residence in an apartment for more than a year while the interior of the house was rebuilt and redecorated and the furniture replaced or reupholstered.

When it was time to move back in, they had to unpack 197 boxes and put dry cleaned clothes from 28 racks back into closets.

Saturday, August 19 they had a cocktail party to celebrate and thank all the people that had helped them out in so many ways, bringing food and supplies to the apartment and just helping out in general during the past year.

Raspberry is Judy’s favorite color and this time it is on the walls in her dining room instead of the living room where it was before. Now a beautiful sunny yellow makes the living room a really cheerful place in every way. They have been through a lot but you couldn’t tell it by looking at the smiling, cheerful faces of the two hosts as they welcomed their friends for drinks and goodies.


Last week Victor Saho turned 60 in style. He is very close to Ethel Huffman and her family, all of whom deeply love him and appreciate his friendship. So nothing would do but to celebrate this momentous occasion with a momentous dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse on Saturday night.

And did that crowd whoop it up in style. The official hostess of the event was Ethel’s daughter Kim Wolford, who with her partner Ali got off a plane from the Sonoma Valley wine country two hours before the party was to begin. Kim’s daughter, Myreete, and her friend Andrea Meyers came in from Chicago. Longtime friends Marcus Bradford, who is a fourth grade school teacher and once worked with Victor, along with Marcus’ wife, who teaches art at Ballard High School, joined in the fun. Kim’s brother Kip, Ethel’s good friend Jerry Hunter and Kim’s son Daniel were also in attendance.

A lot of calamari, steak, lobster and lobster mac and cheese, not to mention a sip or two of wine, was consumed. A celebratory bread pudding with a candle in the middle was presented to Victor with much singing of Happy Birthday. Over the past few months he has lost over 50 pounds, but he will tell you the diet was destroyed on his 60th birthday. And he loved it. VT