66 Years And Still Going Strong

Sonny and Gladys Bass celebrated their anniversary.

Sonny and Gladys Bass celebrated their anniversary.

Gladys and Sonny Bass are celebrating their 66th anniversary Oct. 20! Sonny was in Cincinnati and saw an old friend, Hershel, with a very pretty young lady – his sister, Gladys. Sonny said “That’s all it took…..we were married shortly thereafter on Oct. 20, 1946, 66 years ago.

“During our 66 years together our love has grown stronger. We are each other’s best friend and continue to have fun. We are proud of our beautiful family: Our three sons and their wives, Mitchel and Delores, Steve and Terri, and Ned; nine grandchildren; three great-grandchildren. God was with me the day that I met Gladys. I’d be lost without her.”


Drs. Gary and Shaio Woo, the birthday boy.

Drs. Gary and Shaio Woo, the birthday boy.

Terri and Steve Bass with John Shaw-Woo celebrated the birthday last week of their friend Dr. Shaio Woo with a dinner party at their lovely home off Brownsboro Road. The surprise chef was Shiao’s brother, Dr. Gary Woo, who flew in from London to cook for the celebration.

Gary is a quite accomplished chef who took in strangers (us) and prepared a divine multi-course asian meal that combined Chinese and Malaysian cuisine, when we were in London in the spring.

Although it was heartfelt, Aaron Yarmuth, Sarah and Jim Haynes, Alex Degennis, Bob Taylor and Linda Shapiro, Nancy and David Laird, Dana Allan and Kevin Ryan sang the worst version of “Happy Birthday” the world has ever heard.

Kosair Charities

Since 1923 Kosair Charities has had only one primary mission – Helping children in need. Since that time the organization run by the men in the funny red hats has awarded in excess of $335 million to serve thousands of children. The Kosair name has become synonymous with the highest quality pediatric healthcare in the Kentuckiana area. “This year with the help of our 2,600 Kosair Shriners and thousands of generous donors, Kosair Charities will provide an additional $17 million for these deserving children,” said Jerry Ward, Chairman of Kosair Charities Committee, Inc.

Last Saturday Kosair Charities announced the grants that comprise the $17+ million to more than 90 organizations in this area at a glorious dinner attended by hundreds of recipients and donors at the Kentucky International Convention Center. The event, known as “Dreams Take Flight” is a gala of gifts and grants.

Two community leaders – George E. Fischer, father of Mayor Greg Fischer, and John J. Buchino M.D. – were granted leadership awards. Fischer’s award was “The Sam Swope Community Leadership Award” for his focus on education and healthcare. Buchino received the “Roger Fox Award” for his work in pediatric pathology at the University of Louisville. Each received a $5,000 honorarium to be given to the charities of their choice.