Pandora Productions 25th Anniversary Gala

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

Gala attendees dressed to the nines to fit the theme “Studio 54” at Pandora Production’s 25th Anniversary Gala on June 10. Guests enjoyed dinner from Wiltshire Pantry with desserts by Georgia’s Sweet Potato Pie Co. while honoring those who have made a difference in the LGBTQ+ community over the past 25 years.

  • Carol Williams, Chris Jones and Rusty Henle.

  • Andre and Cheryl Guess, Bill Petter and Mike Berry.

  • Remy Sisk, Michael Detmer, Charlie Meredith and Sara Bell.

  • Susan Wisehart, Francesca Kemper, RJ Windler, Molly Howard and Melissa Carson.

  • Jamie Holley and Rachelle Drake.

  • Anne and Nappi Perryman.

  • Marcie Kenney, Jason and Britney Groneck and Steve Karloy.

  • Alice Alt and Kat Abner.

  • Kevin Borlan, Eric King and J.P. Davis.

  • Kevin Borlan, Eric King and J.P. Davis.

  • Jacquelyn Eklund and Marissa Beinhauer.

  • Kim Harmon and Bill McConnell.

  • Gavid Carpio-Goad and Aubrey Jane.

  • Ryan Alexander Clark.

  • Heather Green and Scott Davis.

  • Ron Hopper.