The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

What are your favorite Derby and Derby Festival memories?

By Jose Aponte

Charles Duvall

“Seeing all the things and all the people at the Taste of Derby events. I was in the military and just knowing that my city, the city I grew up in, is the center of attention for that week. … When I was stationed in Japan, people knew about the Derby. We would watch Thunder on the Armed Forces Network.”
— Charles Duvall

Angela Duvall

“I love the season as a whole. … I love how you can take the excitement of one day and stretch it out for months.” —Angela Duvall

Russell Patrick

“I enjoy Thunder every year.”  — Russell Patrick

Samantha Jenkins

“My first real Derby live, in the stands. Once you go in the stands, you just can’t go in the infield anymore.”
— Samantha Jenkins

Amber Miller

“I love the whole week. The wine tasting usually on Tuesday and Wednesday of that week. And then Oaks Day is my absolute favorite.” — Amber Miller

April Zirnheld

“Oaks Day – haven’t missed one for 25 years.” — April Zirnheld

Jeff Clark

“Last year it rained really hard a race or two before [the Derby]. I stayed out in it with a guy from Los Angeles.”
— Jeff Clark

Carol Duvoss

“The Oaks trip I enjoyed was taking the bus to the Oaks, watching the race from the Paddock and observing all the people and then taking the bus back downtown.”
—Carol Duvoss

Dr. Yvonne Austin

“When I was an ambassador last year with the miniMarathon. It was the first half marathon I ever ran.”
— Dr. Yvonne Austin