Out & About: The Voice of Louisville Launch Party

What excites you most about the upcoming arts season in Louisville?

I am excited for all the new, young faces reinvigorating the art scene.
– Courtney Blanton

  I am excited for the variety that Louisville has. We are such an artsy town, which I love. There is a variety from the theater to musicals to things downtown like concerts and the waterfront. I think the mayor along with the arts community has done an exceptional job. I am always a big supporter of the arts because it is so good for our kids and the community at large.
– Emily Digenis

There is so much to do here all the time. Actors Theatre always has a show going. The Louisville Orchestra is always preforming. The Kentucky Center. There is always something to do here; that is what excites me about Louisville.
– Heather O’Mara

I am excited for the sneakers exhibit at the Speed. Having a basketball background, seeing the old school Air Jordans and the Adidas will be really neat. I think they have some of Michael Johnson’s Olympic track shoes when he broke the world record.
– Kris Vance


I feel like Louisville is coming to life. I feel like it has always had the potential and it is bringing in a new vibe. The art is making Louisville catch up to speed, so it is really exciting.
– Keishia


Louisville has really progressed. I was away for 20 years and coming back and being back now for 12—almost 13—years has been amazing to see the progress. There seems to be a lot more gallery openings. Louisville is very exciting. To see someone that was flown in from Broadway playing one of our favorite singers, Carole King, was very magical.
– Caroline Knop

I’m impressed with Louisville overall as a city and what they have done to incorporate major productions from New York to Los Angeles to Miami. It makes us feel like we are a metropolitan city as well. We have a lot of flavor and influence from the variety of people who live here. It is so exciting that we can get so many great shows.
– Lori D.

Photos by Bill Wine