Out & About: Taste of Louisville

What is Louisville’s best kept restaurant Secret?

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James Lucas.

James Lucas.

The country ham sandwich at Morrison’s Deli. The homey vibe that is there is great and when you go in it smells really good; it smells like pure meats at a proper deli.
– James Lucas, Silver Dollar

Mayan Café. The lima beans are awesome and their spaghetti squash is great.
– Jeanne Whelan

Blue Horse restaurant in the Crowne plaza. They have the best mac and lobster.
– John Shake

Our pretzel bread! We are the only ones in Louisville with real pretzel bread in the whole city.
– Dale Steinmetz, Garden Gate Fruit Market & Deli

Jennifer Kozora.

Jennifer Kozora.

Crave Café! They have a southwest wrap with tomato basil, chicken, tortilla chips and an avocado range. I love that I can watch them make my food and it is fresh to order.
– Jennifer Kozora

La Chasse. They have great craft drinks and not that many people know about it. It’s French and Mediterranean food.
– David Lange

Migo’s truffle mac and cheese.
– Ashley Thoene

Hilltop Tavern. Their food is amazing. It is cooked with love and is as cheap as can be. They do a great job.
– Kenny Schindler

Dundee Gastro Pub; I get their farm house pasta.
– Danielle Moore

The best kept secret dish is my Idaho crusted grouper at Gary’s on Spring.
– Harold Baker

My favorite dish I make is my duck confit strudel or my lamb tartare, it is the best thing in town.
– Michael Crouch

Jordan Delewis.

Jordan Delewis.

Lee’s famous fried chicken. The individual fried potato wedges are my go-to.
– Jordan Delewis, Against the Grain

Noosh Nosh. The black bean cake is so good!
– Jamie Friedman

Checks Café. It’s pub food. Their fish sandwich is to die for. You get two big pieces of fried fish.
– Savannah Stagg