An A-Maze-Ing Day Out

TVT_3658When was the last time you were truly lost? In today’s day and age, in which we are so reliant on smartphones to guide us every step of the way through life, how hard is it get really lost somewhere? In the past we had maps, now we have a friendly and reassuring voice directing us to where we need to go.

Well at Deere Farms – a 20 minute drive from downtown Louisville in Lanesville, Indiana, you can get really lost…and it’s really fun.

Now in its eighth season, Deere Farms have been operating a giant corn maze and pumpkin patch for families to come in the fall. The maze – split into three different levels of difficulty is the real crown jewel of the area. Operated by owner Jim Baumgart, the kiddy maze is designed as a walk through for young children, while the family maze ramps up the difficulty a touch more with checkpoints that participants need to reach in numerical order so that they may find their way out. But the real attraction is the advanced maze, a maze Baumgart claims can take anywhere between 45 minutes or over an hour to complete, depending on how well you’re able to navigate a map. Of course if it’s getting dark and you’re getting hungry, he’s just a phone call away from coming to get you out.

TVT_3666Baumgart has a ton of food options at Deere Farms, such as smoked pork chop sandwich as well as pumpkin ice cream and a pumpkin caramel cheesecake that has wowed the crowds for the past few years.

But outside the maze and eating delicious food, there is so much more to do at Deere Farms. A giant pumpkin patch where individuals can pick and buy their own pumpkins is on hand, while elsewhere there is a plethora of activities for kids and adults alike. The inner child in me truly frolicked in wonder in the box of corn – a giant cart filled to the brim with dry corn kernels. But we should warn you, if you enter the box of corn, be prepared to find pesky corn on your person for the next six months. It will be in your shoes, socks and other places where the sun doesn’t shine!

A real highlight though is the animal farm that Baumgart transports people to on a cart pulled by a tractor. There, a donkey (Buddy) awaits, as do friendly sheep, pigs, as well as a slew of ducks and geese and one particularly arrogant cockerel that Baumgart had to chase after. While not promoted specifically as a petting zoo, the animals are incredibly friendly, and hence very family friendly.

TVT_3740For Baumgart, the last eight years have been a blast, if only because it’s proved to be a perfect chance to return to his roots.

“Doing this has meant I get back out into nature,” he explains. “You can take the boy out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the boy, and so after 35 years in computers and coming back to the farm, I’m as happy as I could be.” VT

Deere Farms is situated at Deere Farms Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch, 1565 St. John’s Church Road, Lanesville, Indiana. For more information visit deerefarms.com or call 812.952.1629. Admission is $9 for adults and $6 for children aged 3-12. This includes access the maze as well as a number of other attractions.