Karting Around

private partyMost of the time, I don’t like driving. Unless it’s very late at night when the roads are clear, I find the ordeal of operating a vehicle to get to and from most places in my daily life to be an expensive, poisonous and agitating burden due to a foolish misstep in the design of the civilization we live in today.

Anyway, this is the wrong article to stand on my soapbox about a dream of a better world. I only bring it up because the simplicity of eight minutes on an indoor track in a tiny go-kart was a wonderful reminder of how fun driving is when one may charge and swerve at their leisure.

track aerial 20141001Bluegrass Indoor Karting is located near Jeffersontown in an industrial parkway area. This was my first time go-karting. My girlfriend offered to drive us there, since she knows how much I hate driving on the freeway. When we arrived, we went up to the front desk, where the staff directs newcomers on a first come, first serve basis, to register on a couple of touchscreen terminals for the creation of a profile, which is very useful for a return visit. The front area offers to watch any valuables, like bags or purses, which cannot be taken along on a go-kart race.

All visitors in our racing group were briefed with safety instructions and given protective gear before going out on the thousand-foot track. A group of kids in the small karts were just finishing their race. In our case, we were being prepped for an adult car race, which means faster karts and the requirement of a valid driver’s license.

I wouldn’t claim to have been the best on the track that day, but a devil came out in me. I passed my girlfriend twice. This is the lady who is normally way more aggressive in traffic than my squeamish self. While I did my best not to bump into anyone, my normal caution, attached to all the dangers of real driving, was blissfully thrown to the wind. I could get used to coming here.

BIK 003I couldn’t help but notice how hands-on and involved the employees are. Safety is a big issue, so there are plenty of young folks working like lifeguards ready to wave a flag if anyone needs to slow down due to a problem ahead. Naturally, using the karts as bumper cars is not tolerated. After the race, everyone is provided a printout of their results.

Bluegrass has been around since 2011 and they pride themselves on a year-round indoor track, which has a layout that offers more challenges and encourages more skillful driving than other tracks. They also offer a variety of pricing packages for individuals, groups and members.

Touring the area past the lobby, I could see how accommodating they are with planned events. They have a kid’s birthday party room, a conference room, a meeting room and a reception area ready for bar and catering services. This place would be one adrenaline-fueled business outing.

Being new to go-kart racing, I can say that what I took from the experience was comparable to the rush felt from a rollercoaster, except I had the privilege of controlling the ride. I guess go-kart racing offers me what I want when I’m behind the wheel, but I normally associate driving with the respect required when controlling something that can so easily become a weapon. This place is a fun and safe way to embrace the thrill of speeding. The most conceivably dangerous part of visiting this place is getting back in your real car to go home – and controlling yourself. VT

For more info, visit www.bluegrassindoorkarting.com or call 502.297.9899.