Jeffersonville’s Ice Rink

Okay, I haven’t tried ice-skating since I was in fourth grade when my class went on a field trip to the rink that used to be on Louisville’s Belvedere, next to the river. I think the only difference between then and now is that I didn’t fall down this time. While I got a feel for how to maintain momentum on the slick surface, I could really use some practice; I don’t think the times I tried to make it to my truck after an ice storm count.

I was still pleased to see how many people were having a great time at Jeffersonville’s outdoor Ice Rink on the corner of Market and Spring. Families and groups of kids and teens were doing quick circles, and having a lot of fun.

rink3It’s really close to Louisville, too. With a brisk drive across the bridge and a few turns into the downtown area, I came upon my animated and luminous destination. The admission entrance to the tent was filled with people of various ages at picnic tables changing in and out of the facility-provided skates –or taking a break to enjoy refreshments at the concession stand.

The place felt like an amusing hybrid of winter festivities and the dance music atmosphere typically found when roller-skating, even though outdoor ice-skating is a little higher maintenance. Christmas decorations surrounded the rink with exciting club lighting illuminating the center in bright blues, reds and greens. For the third year, the city of Jeffersonville has hired the local Sounds Unlimited Productions to give these nighttime events their great atmosphere.

refuge3On this particular night, the company’s MC and DJ, Matt Frossard was working the event with current club standards. …Well, I think they were club standards. All I know is that the “Cupid Shuffle” is today’s “Hokey Pokey.” Anyway, the kids were having a blast twirling to the beats. Frossard told me that the general aspiration in running the show is to give people in the area a little bit of Manhattan’s Rockefeller Center.

During the holidays, this venue hosted the Louisville Skate Academy’s performance of “The Nutcracker.” They were also getting ready to do a “Frozen”-themed night as well.

With more cold days to come, the rink will operate every day of the week (weather permitting) with various hours until Jan. 25. Admission is $8 with a $2 dollar discount if you bring your own skates. There are group deals and discount nights for the kids, when receipts from shopping and eating at local establishments are presented.

There’s something undeniably festive about simply watching people ice-skating. And it says a lot that Jeffersonville wants it on display for anyone walking or driving down the street because this ancient winter pastime shouldn’t be such a rarity, only found in enclosed structures. It should be part of a community’s scenery, and scenic it is! VT

For hours, and general information go to jeffparks.org –or like “Jeffersonville Ice Rink” on Facebook to look for last-minute events, deals or changes.