Holiday Festivities in Full Swing

Eleanor and Fred Goldberg had a festive holiday party last week at their home in Aliea.

Eleanor, a Presbyterian from Hazard, is so creative in her decorations. This time the lit-motif was the black top hats traditionally seen on snowmen. The house was full of holiday decorations, and there were pine branches, holly, ribbons, ornaments and black top hats all over the house. She really should be in the party business.

Among her fans and friends in attendance were Pam and John Anson, Doreen Ovca, Ann and Daryl Wells, Fran Jasper, Judge Eric Haner, George Stinson, Kay Matton, Winona and Joe Shiprek, Mary Margaret Phelps, Melanie and Steve McCool, Louis Waterman and Elizabeth Ridone, Debbie and Bob Westerman, Libby and Dave Huber, Allison Goldberg and Steve Fox, Carolyn and Neil Sharp, Pat Church (home from Naples!), Jean Boland, Libby and Don Parkinson, Roanne Victor, Janet Falk,  Jan and Jonathan Goldberg and Rita, John and Meredith Ellis.

The Silver Spoon took care of the hosts and the guests splendidly.

The next evening, the staff of the Heuser Hearing Institute held their Christmas party at Running Water Farm. Heuser is a haven for young children who are deaf and have other learning and communication issues.

School is almost out for the holidays, and every one was in a festive mood. Brett Bachman, Heuser CEO, presided over the evening of festive fun and food.


The fall luncheon meeting of the Kentucky Society Mayflower Descendants was held at the Pendennis Club. Society Governor Fay Charpentier-Ford presided. 2015 was a rousing success and set new records in several respects. These included the largest number of attendees in KSMD history; the greatest number of awards, gifts, souvenirs and prizes ever; and the longest and perhaps most entertaining annual luncheon meeting in memory.

Among those receiving awards was former Society Governor Carroll Goslee, who was honored not only for his long service to the Society but also for his work as Treasurer for the General Society of Mayflower Descendants. During his term, he oversaw an unprecedented growth in GSMD assets exceeding $2,000,000.

Others awarded special gifts and honors were KMS Historian Anissa Davis, who received a personalized Hadley Pottery plate with her name and title, and KMS Captain Harvey Hampton, who received a certificate and pin awarded by the GSMD for his special dedicated service over many years. Only one of these awards is granted per state each year by the General Society.

Following the usual formalities and rituals of the annual meeting, the members were treated to a delicious lunch. The luncheon festivities were followed by a fascinating and informative talk by Dr. Terry Conners regarding the recent restoration of the Mayflower II, a nearly exact replica of the original Mayflower.

Dr. Connors, a member of the UK Forestry Department, spoke on how the Mayflower II had been originally built and given to the USA by England but over the years had suffered substantial deterioration. After an extensive national search for such ideal white oak trees, it was discovered that the best such trees existed here in Kentucky on land owned by Berea College. Long boards up to 90 feet were cut from those trees for this memorable purpose. Berea was handsomely paid for such special lumber. VT