Fantastic! $5 February

One must always remember what a good deal we’ve got downtown when it comes to Museum Row on Main Street. February is an even better time to remember this, due to four of these museums participating in a month-long $5 admission deal offered to Kentucky and Indiana residents.

Muhammad Ali Center
If you do anything first, The Ali Center is immediately accessible across from the Sixth Street parking garage and its architecture is something to be experienced by anyone living in the area. Aside from being a spacious venue for big shows and events, it is a fascinating construction designed to take you through the life and legacy of Louisville’s greatest athletic hero. Starting with a documentary in a large theater on the top floor, the museum is a spiraling multi-storied walk through all the years of Cassius Clay, to the triumph of Ali, with a tremendous amount of memorabilia exhibited at every stop. For anyone who never came to understand this complex man’s history and accomplishments, now is a great time to start.

Frazier History Museum
Artifacts from centuries past – particularly arms  – are on display in the Frazier History Museum. Their notable collection of historical weaponry really provides perspective for the craft of, and involvement in, warfare mechanics of the past. The second floor alone is a bold display of the path through the American frontier, starting with the sixteenth century, going all the way to up to the early twentieth. Educational presentations are frequently scheduled, and “hands-on” tours (where you get to hold some of these antiques) are always available, courtesy of the staff.

Slugger Museum & Factory
The highlight city attraction that is, The Slugger Museum & Factory, is an essential destination for baseball fans, and offers an informative exploration through the history of America’s great game. Any person who never knew how beautiful the craft of making a baseball bat can be (and the world’s most famous kind, at that), can tour the factory with an excellent guide to show every step of the process, with a complimentary mini-bat at the end.

Kentucky Art and Craft Museum
The Kentucky Art and Craft Museum offers space for the display of works from a variety of sources, while putting emphasis on the process of what goes into the given art on display. Currently, you can see the Scholastic Award Winners, presenting painting, photography, ceramics, drawing and other media from grades seven through 12 in our region, who excel in the work they aspire to continue.

Celebrated contemporary artist, Simone Leigh has a fine art mixed-media exhibition visiting our city in the museum, titled, “Crop Rotation,” which aims to represent the hardships of women. It will be here through April.

On the first floor past the entrance is a blast from the past, that is “White Glove Test” – a display of hoarded punk fliers from Louisville shows during a time when this art form could be found commonly stapled all over city telephone poles, was the only way to get the word out about an obscure show or event. My, how times have changed.

It’s nice that these four locations are offering the $5 discount price, as there are so many people in our area who can enjoy the opportunity of making a day of our downtown area to learn more about the world and the city in which we live. This special day may leave you with enough in your budget to also visit The Science Center, Glassworks, The Kentucky Center for Performing Arts and the excellent Evan Williams Bourbon experience. Plus, 21c Museum is always free to the public. Of course, the Main Street downtown strip is picturesque and ready for anyone to enjoy.  VT

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