Bravazzi Is Your New Poolside Delight

Photo by Jolea Brown.

By Minda Honey  |  Out & About

Bravazzi is here just in time for summer. The name – a mashup of the Italian word for good, brava, and fizzy – is apt for a drink that tastes like summer and feels like revelry on the tongue. What separates this hard soda from all the rest? It’s malt-free so you won’t be left with that heavy, too sweet feeling after a few sips.

Bravazzi uses an innovative new cane sugar alcohol base, which means this party-in-a-can is free of gluten and high fructose corn syrup. VP of Marketing and Innovation Sara Ross says Bravazzi is answering the “demand for better-tasting, better-for-you alcohol beverage options.” I’m definitely a part of the crowd that’s been making demands for better options. As I’ve gotten older and my palate has become more discerning, I’ve not had much success with other hard sodas. Bravazzi has filled that void.

This first-ever hard Italian soda was made possible by Vivify Beverages, which describes itself as a “forward-thinking alcohol beverage company established in 2015 by a team of women whose mission is to introduce new-to-the-world brands that are unique, high-quality and, most importantly, delicious.” Well, they’ve certainly hit the mark here in Louisville. Everyone at their May launch event couldn’t stop commenting on how refreshing the drink is. I also took several cans over to a nearby networking event to the delight of its attendees.

The launch event was held at Bourbon Barrel Foods in Butchertown to welcome the Memphis-brewed beverage to Louisville. I told Ross I could hardly believe there was any alcohol in Bravazzi. Each can is 4.2 percent alcohol by volume and has that familiar taste of a premium sparkling Italian soda. Currently, there are three flavors: Limonata, Grapefruit and Blood Orange. While I immediately fell for the Blood Orange, my plus one was all about the Grapefruit.

We were treated to a private cooking class by Fresh Chef Experience. I was put on the calamari station and I was sure to taste several pieces, you know, for quality control. Attendees formed new friendships over good food and good drinks. Ross suggested that Bravazzi makes for a yummy alternative to champagne in your mimosas and I could immediately imagine adding it to my brunch lineup – it doesn’t hurt that the ribbon-wrapped white cans make for super fun Instagram pics. I could also see Bravazzi adding a little fizz to your favorite punch or playing nicely in a shrub cocktail. The Limonata flavor is begging to be mixed with a sprig of mint and a generous pour of sweet tea for an all-grown up twist on an Arnold Palmer.

Right now, Bravazzi is only available in Louisville and Nashville. But your friends around the country won’t have to be jealous for long; there are plans to introduce it to other markets later this year. I was told you can find it on the shelves at the usual places around town like Liquor Barn and Total Wine – $9.99 for a six-pack. You can follow Bravazzi on Instagram and Twitter at
@drinkbravazzi, and check the hashtags #drinkbravazzi, #bravazzi and
#livingladolcevita, if you want to see how everyone else is enjoying their Bravazzi.