Ned Bass’ 70th Surprise Birthday Party

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

Surprise! Ned Bass rang in his 70th birthday with a surprise party. Friends and family gathered at Volare on June 30 to celebrate.

  • Jonathan and Susan Karl with Chuck and Gerri Rader.

  • Uri Glattstein, Arthur and Donna Tindall and Marilyn Glattstein.

  • Haley Jenks, Larry Smith, Carmel Persoms and Terri Bass.

  • Henri, Heather and Lilia Zamanian.

  • Larry Smith, Terri Bass, Michelle Smith, Henri, Heather and Lilia Zamanian and Steve Bass.

  • Tim and Linda Jackson with Jordan Michaelson.

  • Cindy Carcione, Heather Zamanian and Terri Bass.

  • Kim and Ken Yoder.

  • Ronda Frazier, Billy Mitchell, Jim and Lynn Morrow.

  • Jeanine Edington with Jason and Danielle Farabee.

  • Jean and Bill Shewciw.

  • Ned and Dawn Bass.

  • Ned Bass' Suprise Birthday Party at Volare.