Monthly Moments

By Janice Carter Levitch

My monthly schedule was recently quite overloaded. I couldn’t fit all of my adventures into print, so I’ve tiptoed over to the world of social media and added the extra fun online in addition to my column, Let Me Tell You. This month I’ve engaged in a staggering number of events that I just have to tell you about. Some are ordinary and some are extraordinary – you decide which – but I like to believe they all have a good cause behind them.


A Marvelous – and Muddy – Luncheon

Kasey Maier, Executive Director of Waterfront Botanical Gardens, leading a tour of the progress unfolding at the Waterfront Botanical Gardens.

First on the list was a luncheon with the architects of the Waterfront Botanical Gardens at the Louisville Boat Club. Kasey Maier, the executive director who has to be one of the hardest working women ever, led the group on a hardhat tour after lunch. The crew consisted of those brave and willing souls who didn’t mind wearing a hardhat and tromping around the construction site of the Graeser Family Education Center.

It was loads of fun, and I enjoyed walking around the muddy site in a fashionable pair of rubber rain boots with members of the Graeser family, who are as generous as the day is long. The architects were on hand to explain the progress as well and announced the formal ribbon cutting, which is scheduled for Oct. 4 of this year. Stay tuned.


Pampering with Clique Boutique

Janna Flowers, the owner of Clique Boutique, recently offered to help me simplify my daily beauty regimen. After we discussed my travel and work schedule, she offered me several tips that helped tremendously.

Photo by J. Edward Brown.

We began with tinting my eyebrows, which has shaved a little bit of time off my morning makeup routine. My brows now have a finished look to them and it gives me a little jump-start on my day. Next, we moved onto eyelashes. Janna suggested lash extensions as a temporary remedy, but she also filled me in on the long lasting remedy, which is using a lash serum that instigates growth and creates healthier natural lashes. The extensions are perfect for my travel schedule and have helped to get me out the door quicker lately. I’m so grateful to Janna and have enjoyed feeling a little more glamorous.


Event Hosting for Historic Preservation

When you get a call from Sheila Omer Ferrell, executive director of the Blue Grass Trust for Historic Preservation, you answer the phone. And when she requests that you co-host their annual Antiques & Garden Show at the Kentucky Horse Park with none other than Jon Carloftis, there is only one answer to that question: yes.

The lineup of guest speakers and exhibitors was exemplary. I had the pleasure of co-hosting with Jon two days in a row and was amazed at the number of people attending (and amazed that I could speak in front of a sold-out crowd two days in a row without stuttering.) Whew. These folks are first class, with the crème de la crème feature speaker Ray Booth, an interior designer and architect, kicking off the weekend.

Jon Carloftis of Jon Carloftis Fine Gardens and Ray Booth, partner at architectural and interiors firm McAlpine, at the Antiques & Garden Show.

In case you didn’t know, the Blue Grass Trust for Historic Preservation is a membership based nonprofit advocate for historic preservation. Keep an eye on this group as they continue to protect, revitalize and promote the special historic places in our community.


Seeing Carter’s Power Couple

Mark & Sherri Carter at their Napa Valley home.

Sherri and Mark Carter are in the business of making wine in Napa Valley. A few weeks ago, they invited me into their home while I was visiting a few watering holes out there (read more about those goings on in Let Me Tell You.) Mark has family roots that spring from Somerset, Kentucky, and has helped to establish Justins’ House of Bourbon (a fun place with a private speakeasy in the back) down the road in Lexington. Sherri is an artist with a love for horses and Mark seems to be skilled at just about everything. I had the pleasure of tasting their delicious wine and their smooth-as-silk Old Carter Whiskey (Sherri designed the label herself.) My oh my, life doesn’t get any better than this.