Meet & Greet with Judge Angela McCormick Bisig

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

Joyce Meyer, Lisa Stemler, Dr. Rebecca Terry and Pette Thompson hosted a meet and greet with Judge Angela McCormick Bisig on June 24. Bisig is running for the District Four seat on the Supreme Court of Kentucky.

  • Debbie Stevens, Brenda Hart and Judge Angela McCormick Bisig.

  • Joyce Meyer, Lisa Stemler, Rebecca Terry and Pete Thompson.

  • Michele Kosiewicz, Pascale Alard, Cheryl Hildebrand and Linda Wemes.

  • Jim Kays, Tessa and Jeremy Stevenson, with Greg and Debbie Stevens.

  • Marilyn Sexton, Mary Lou Meyer, Major Arnold Rivera, Judge Jessica Moore, Judge Angela McCormick Bisig, Liza Tevebaugh, Lawrence Bisig and Denise McCormick.

  • Leonard and Mary Lou Meyer, Sharron Ciacio, Bob Montgomery, Helen King and Emily Felhoelter.

  • Chuck and Ginger Schnauder with Amanda and Brian Denham.

  • Meredith Dreher, Ebert Haegele, Evan Spalding and Judge Jessica Moore.

  • Tonia Arnette and Donna DeLucia.

  • Tim Dench with Violet and Lily Fondrisi.

  • Jim Haynes and Jeff Sexton.

  • Haylee Hall, Henna Khan, Pierce Stevenson, Nora Inman and Elijah Eisert.

  • Oliver Eberle, Traci Lynd, Deb Burda and Linda Wemes.

  • Aniyah Thomas and Kyndia Motley.