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Local men celebrate and support the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana

Compiled by Mariah Klne
Photos courtesy of
Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana

This summer, men from throughout the community were nominated and chosen to participate in the “Man Enough to be a Girl Scout” competition through Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana. The contest is a fun opportunity for the men to show their support and raise money for the organization that serves hundreds of girls and young women. On Oct. 18, one of the finalists will be awarded the “2019 Man Enough to be a Girl Scout” prize at the Girl Scouts Tough Cookie Awards Breakfast. We recently spoke with a few of the nominees to learn why they are man enough to be a Girl Scout.

Capt. Jeremy Todd “JT” Bass
Captain on Engine #20 (Bardstown Road) with the Louisville Fire Department

I think that this is an awesome opportunity for men of integrity to empower young ladies. We live in a society today that can be very confusing and where people think their online lives represent their real lives. This is a chance for us to invest in ACTUAL relationships.

I’m married to my wife, Ginger, and we have a daughter, Morgan, who’s a sophomore at Western Kentucky University. Young ladies face a lot of different obstacles that as a father I had never truly understood prior. To have this opportunity to highlight a message of strength and confidence for young ladies, I jumped at the chance.

On a separate note, I have been a firefighter here for more than 17 years, and we (LFD) enjoy beating LMPD at every competition. I honestly don’t know why they keep coming back for more, but I’m more than happy to represent my department in another shellacking of those Po-Po folks!

Lt. Colonel Josh Judah
Assistant Chief/Louisville Metro Police Department

I am man enough to be a Girl Scout because I believe strongly in the opportunities the organization provides for young women. I am a proud parent of a Girl Scout, and I get to see the wonderful changes it makes in her life. Girl Scouts champion friendship, creativity, positive self-image and leadership. Through participating in Girl Scout activities, my daughter has become a better friend and teammate. She has led classes teaching skills to other Girl Scouts, she has explored the outdoors and she has learned how to run a business through her cookie sales. All of these experiences are shaping her into a future leader, and I am proud to see her progress and know that she’s having a great time as well.

Lt. Matthew Kidd
Georgetown Fire Department

I’m with Georgetown Township Fire Protection District. My family has been involved with Girl Scouts for over 15 years with my wife Janis serving as a leader, my daughter Peyton has earned her Gold Award and my daughter Patricia is working toward her Gold Award. I have personally seen how Girl Scouts brings young women together with leadership tools and experiences that help mold and develop them in to our next generation of leaders.

Rev. Daniel Corrie Shull
Senior Pastor, Burnett Avenue Baptist Church; District 6 Representative for Jefferson County Board of Education

I am “Man Enough to be a Girl Scout” because I believe in the importance of cultivating a world in which the native gifts of girls are generously encouraged, supported and invested in. The Girl Scouts of America has a long track record of inspiring girls to be their absolute best selves and provides opportunities for girls to maximize their potential. It is because of this history that I support the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana.

The Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana’s Tough Cookie Awards breakfast will take place on Oct. 18 at the Louisville Marriott East. For more information, visit one.bidpal.net/toughcookie/ticketing or call Jeanine Triplett at 502.413.2855.

Honorary Chairman Jeff Walz
Head Coach of the University of Louisville Women’s Basketball Team

Zach Spicer
Reporter for The Tribune in Jackson County, Indiana

Joe Steier II
President and CEO of Signature HealthCARE

Mark Vogt
CEO of Galen College of Nursing

Bob Meadows
Strategic Consultant for Medicaid Administration at Humana

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