LVA Honors Awards

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

On March 24, Louisville Visual Arts hosted its 2022 LVA Honors Awards at Art Sanctuary. Their unique annual event celebrates individuals who have made a significant impact on our community, including William M. Duffy, Janet Britt, Shohei Katayama and Clare Hirn. Local wood sculptor Lindsay E. Frost created the 2022 LVA Honors Commemorative Awards.

  • Maizie Clarke and Gina Higginbotham.

  • Kristy Inmon with Miranda Construction and Beverly Cote.

  • Elmer Lucille Allen.

  • Elmer Lucille Allen.

  • Mary Alexander, Neisja Yenawine and Meg Roby.

  • Gordon Brown and Bette Levy.

  • LVA Executive Director Kristian Anderson.

  • Anne Borders and Clare Hirn.

  • Dave Caudill, Patricia Lambert, Sherrie Duffy, William M. Duffy and Dr. Kristin Duffy Harris.

  • LVA Board President Jake Theisen.

  • Stewart and Hannah Hoertz with Andy Thomas, Sean Allen and Capper Rademaker.