Letter From the Publisher

Elevate the everyday with unsurpassed tradition and genuine passion.

Becoming publisher of The Voice-Tribune has been exhilarating. It is an honor to step into this new role and embrace a clear vision for the evolution of each forthcoming issue. This iconic publication is fueled by a creative collaboration between our community (you) and our entire team, who contribute specific talents to bring to life The Voice of Louisville monthly magazine. Our staff works diligently to produce quality content time after time. That focus not only serves our readers but brands our intentions with the utmost trust from each and every one of you. As you continue to support our efforts with loyalty and a sense of anticipation, let us continue to engage you visually and intellectually.

Allow me to share one of my favorite quotes from Sir Richard Branson: “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” May we all have such courage and make a conscious effort to speak up as well as listen when the opportunity arises. As we move forward to the next chapter together, keep an eye out for a few changes within the pages that will delight you and exemplify discerning luxury. All the while, we’ll continue “keepin’ it local” with a feeling of something familiar, inviting you to nestle into your favorite chair and peruse the latest issue cover to cover. Whether you prefer a “cup of joe,” a glass of bubbly champagne or a sip of bourbon to accompany your reading experience, take it all in and know that after 70 years, The Voice-Tribune is deeply rooted in our community and will continue to flourish. Thank you for supporting us and our legacy.

Let us hear from you. After all, it is your VOICE.
Janice Carter Levitch