Letter from the Editor

Back, L to R: Cathy Ison, Shadow Kihnley, Brittney Ison, Britany Baker, Kaelyn Lyverse, Liz Bingham, Miranda McDonald, Hilda Carr and Larry Kihnley. Front, L to R: Mariah Kline, Andrea Hutchinson and Lauren Bradley Cox. Behind-the-scenes photos by Jessa Mayhew.

Who’s ready to do Derby? I know I am, and this issue is filled with plenty of inspiration about one of the best times of the year.

Aaron and Sarah Tate Yarmuth with Angie Fenton and Jason Applegate. Photo by Andrea Hutchinson.

I have to give kudos to Larry and Robin Kihnley, who were kind enough to open up their home and their barn to us on a very rainy Saturday. Our team received the warmest welcome from the couple and their equestrian experts, Brittney and Cathy Ison. Shadow, the horse who served as one of our models, didn’t shy away from the camera and immediately showed lots of love to our model. Incidentally, yours truly used to lease Shadow – I like to think of it more like testing my ability to evolve into a horse owner — and frequently took him out riding on the weekends with the Kihnleys as my guides. On one occasion, he nearly drowned me in a river (true story), but we’ve made amends since then. I can’t thank the Kihnleys – both human and animal – enough for their hospitality and generosity with The Voice team.

Also in this issue, you’ll find six pages of coverage from the Speed Art Museum Ball, which took place on March 2. While the night was absolutely divine, it was also an excellent reminder of how significant the Speed is to our community. If you haven’t paid a visit lately, I encourage you to check out their newest exhibits and attend one of their ever-popular monthly After Hours parties.

On behalf of everyone at The Voice, I wish you a happy Derby season. May the juleps flow freely, the horses run quickly and the sun shine bright on your Kentucky home.


Angie Fenton

Editor in Chief