Let’s Dance Louisville

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

Like Dancing With The Stars, but the local edition. On June 18, twelve local celebrities competed in the seventh annual Let’s Dance Louisville to see who would come out on top. All of the proceeds from the event went to Feed My Neighbor’s lunch program at The Sandefur Dining Room. Clay Marshall from Bourbon Tango and Melissa Goodlett from F45 took home the first place trophy.

  • Steve Wilson, Laura Lee Brown and Kristopher Kelley.

  • Kristopher Kelley, Anna Finneran and Mae Wilson.

  • Stacy Goodnight, Danita Beals, Janet Miller, Maxine Carter and Linda Herron.

  • Leslie and Lee Schmidt, Nolan Barry, Melissa Nyland and Jason Schmidt.

  • Duwanna Ingle and Mary Ann Lee.

  • Carrie and James Tavelli.

  • Brian Shomber and Tony Renbarter.

  • Arnold Rivera, Judge Angela McCormick Bisig and Tim Hagerty.

  • Chrissy Stevens, Anna Ehret, Nina Hodge, Billie Morris and Donna Regenauer.

  • Wilson Simmons, Ward Simmons and Teddy Wilson.

  • Shannon Cogan, Kevin Harned, Barby Knevelkamp and Bill Eschbach.

  • Rod Winger with Angie and Richard Schultz.

  • Gail and Rod Winger.

  • Britney Renbarger, Susan Hicks and Russ Renbarger.

  • Timothy Poynter, Kyon Poynter, Tiffeney Poynter, Machaiah Poynter and Crystal Goodwine.

  • Barbara Sexton Smith with Rachel and Craig Greenberg.

  • David Grantz and Erica McDowell.

  • Hayden and Winny Wearren with McKenzie Clifford.

  • Jani and Viktoria Szukk with Robin Valenzuela and Damien Pataluna.

  • Heather Hall and Phil O'Nan.

  • Ronel Brown and Judge Denise Brown.