Lavender Parallels

Guy Genoud and Robert Bleifer at Brasserie Provence Farm to Frazier.

Butterflies, Provence and Frazier

By Janice Carter Levitch

Farm to Frazier photos by Sandy Duncan.

What else do you do super early on a Saturday morning besides sleep in? The idea of Meditation with Monarchs held at Idlewild Butterfly Farm made perfect sense to me. Especially when it’s led by Elizabeth Nalley, better known as Izzy. Get ready for her credentials: “I have a bachelor’s in exercise science, a bachelor’s in public health education, an associate’s in business and a minor in wellness coaching, which uses a lot of positive psychology, so that was basically like an associate’s degree. I (also) completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training,” Izzy said. When asked what inspired the meditation with the Monarch butterflies, Izzy replied, “I came to Idlewild because my daughter loves bugs. I saw it on TV and knew we had to go there. Soon after that, I started the meditation series with the butterflies.”

‘Izzy’ Elizabeth Nalley in Meditation with Monarchs.

Peaceful and serene is how you feel after this meditation experience. Seated outdoors in an enclosed area that reminds you of a greenhouse, you are surrounded by lavender, which the butterflies are drawn to, along with wildflowers and a plethora of monarchs you just wish will land on you somewhere for good luck. “Close your eyes and listen; you can hear the wings flutter around us,” Izzy noted. Izzy also has a yoga business, Fig Leaf Yoga & Fitness, that keeps her moving like a butterfly. Going from one blossom to another, she has a spiritual awareness that seems to pollinate joy.

Speaking of joy, that’s exactly what I found at the Kentucky Supper Series, Farm to Frazier: Kentucky by Way of France, an evening with Guy Genoud, owner of Brasserie Provence. This special dinner was held at the Frazier History Museum with a lively conversation between Guy Genoud and Robert Bleifer, executive chef and vice president of culinary at the Food Network. As we sat down to dinner, the two gastronomic aficionados proceeded to explore the intricacies of what Farm to Frazier really meant.

“Thanks to the passion and dedication of our team, Brasserie Provence offers Louisville a taste of the south of France. All of our dishes include the freshest ingredients and are cooked to order,” Genoud stated.

Brasserie Provence Farm to Frazier’s Red Ruby Trout.

Chef Patrick Gosden added: “I’ve been cooking for 20 years and have worked all around the city. I love what I do and hanging out with Guy Genoud every day.”

President and CEO of Frazier History Museum Penny Peavler introduced the evening with words of gratitude for all the sponsors and supporters who made the dinner possible.

Concluding the evening, Peavler invited guests to attend the next Farm to Frazier: Kentucky by Way of Ireland with Michael Reidy, owner of the Irish Rover on July 26. You can experience how cooking shapes our world at this Kentucky Supper Series that is guaranteed to make you swoon.

I’m already building an (Irish) appetite for this one. VT