Kentucky Science Center’s 150th Anniversary

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

On March 19, the Kentucky Science Centered celebrated its 150th Anniversary at the Kentucky International Convention Center. This engaging evening told the story of Kentucky Science Center, reflected on their impact throughout our Commonwealth and extended their deep appreciation to everyone who has been part of the journey through a science experience and music by Thumper and the Plaid Rabbits.

  • The Louisville Science Center.

  • Albert and Sherri Frazier with Gry and John Seymour.

  • Mellisa Blankenship, Jean West and Dr. Alan Mauser.

  • Katie Jury, Patrick Rood and Tyler Jury.

  • Toph Bryant and Amy Parish.

  • Congressman John Yarmuth, Alex Parks, David and Carolyn Tandy, Jo Haas and Shorye Durrett.

  • Jesse and Scarlett Shackleford, Autumn Lucas, Britt Crawford and Tom Sager.

  • Jean and David McLeon, Kim and Frank Sullivan, Chris Tabler, Priya Mukundan and Shireesh Khandkar.

  • The Louisville Science Center's 150th Anniversary Celebration.

  • Jeff Davis, Kent and Sarah Mertz with Chip and Jen Baker.

  • Veena Reddy and Christopher Fuller.